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How to learn to play the piano without reading music is a strange thing to say. We have all seen piansts reading the music and playing the notes. This is a great way to learn to play the piano. If you want to play in an orchestra or a recording studio it is probably the only way that makes sense.

How To Learn To Play Piano

Learning by reading music is not the only way to learn. Maybe you don’t want to learn to play classical music or take exams. Or maybe you want to just play your favourite songs or jam with your friends. Maybe you want to play and sing along.

Music Is not The Only Way To Learn To Play Piano

If you listen to most songs you will hear chords being played. Maybe a few broken chords too. If you want to sing along with your playing. You cant play the melody line of the song while you are playing it. or what’s the point in singing it.

So for most songs that you would want to play, just the chords of the song are played.

Learn To Play The Chords

Learn to play the chords means every song is available to you. However, you will want to learn proper musical terms and the correct fingers to use. You will also need to know the correct names that are used in music. All you don’t want is the years of music studying to be able to follow the music.

Its all included. If you decide in the future that you want to learn with music. You will not need to relearn anything. Everything you have learned will be correct and as a piano teacher would teach you in one to oone lessons with reading music. After all, you are being taught by an experience piano teacher in these lessons.

Below is a sample music video that teaches you the student proper music terminology and everything correct yet can have ytou sitting at the piano like a pro in a few months, maybe even a few weeks if you practice well. 


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