There are various methods that may suit you

As with all things, how you learn to do things involves a level of choice. Learning to play the piano or keyboard is exactly the same in the beginning. the keyboard then goes off into a different world later. To start you will need to learn to play the notes which are identical to the piano. So how could you choose to learn?

  • You could ask a friend who could get you started
  • You could get a book on the subject
  • You could take an online course
  • A personal piano teacher locally is a very good way to learn to play the piano
  • A personal piano teacher online is similar to a local teacher with a wider range of time options.

So which method is the best?

A friend can get you started and by this method, a few simple songs can quickly be played. The disadvantages are that the friend’s knowledge and time may be limited.

A book on the subject would be better than a friend and would certainly start you off and would give you good instruction. It is an inexpensive method of getting going with learning to play the piano.

An online course has many advantages. It can be used at any time of day 24 hours a day to suit your schedule. The lessons will not only teach how to play but will demonstrate how you should play and what you should sound like. A good course will also offer support from the piano teacher. 

For me the best way to learn the piano is a private tutor who is local. You will be taught properly and thoroughly and can take exams should you wish. This method takes time and is the most expensive option. However, it truly is the best method.

The next best option is an online private tutor. You could be taught by a teacher from anywhere in the world at possibly more suitable times for your busy schedule. The teaching should be of the same quality as a local teacher. The only difference is that the teacher is on a screen and not physically in the room with you.

The best will offer a free first lesson for you so you can get a feel for the teacher, the type of lessons and how you feel about online lessons with no risk to you.

It is also better to take lessons that offer payments each week rather than a longer period and with a refund policy regardless of who’s or why a lesson had to be missed.

Many of these methods are taught by me including my online lessons that take anyone of any age from zero to any level of piano playing required.


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