Playing The Piano

The joy of learning to play the piano is not a myth. Playing any musical instruments is a joy. The pleasure from the sound, the feel of the instrument, the mood of the music and the joy given to others around you is incomparable.

The piano is a special instrument. When playing the piano, the pianist is playing two different types of music. The left hand plays the accompaniment, the right hand the melody, and the changes the pedals can make, and an orchestra exists on its own. Well almost.

That is why I describe learning to play the piano as the joy of learning the piano. Live online lessons provide the feeling of the teacher being in the room with you who can see and hear everything being played.

No special equipment is required other than a piano or keyboard, an internet connection and a computer. The first lesson is free of charge to decide as to if they want to continue. The piano isn’t for everyone, and neither are all teachers.

Try a free lesson and see how you get on learning to play the piano.

Jackie clark is a qualified and experienced piano teacher who has taught thousands of students to play the piano.

Try for yourself a free lesson and experience your joy of learning to play the piano.

jackie clark

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