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Now you can learn piano properly or Keyboard

Imagine sitting at the piano, opening the music and effortlessly playing what you see.

Usually, to do this you need to take lessons from a local piano teacher or join a local music school.

This method is a perfect method, however, in the modern world, this can be difficult to do with unusual work patterns and home life.

My solution

My solution to this is to offer the same quality of lessons and one to one lessons exactly the same as if I was in the room with you.

I can hear you and see how you are playing. You can see me and I can demonstrate anything that is needed for you.

Lessons are completely flexible with times and how to receive the lessons.

You will learn to play the piano by reading music at the same time. Normal private piano lessons in your own home using your piano or keyboard.

Taught by a very experienced piano teacher.

You can continue to take lessons to any level you wish to achieve. your piano playing heights can be astounding.

How Learn Piano Properly Works

My system is very simple. 

  1. You decide to take a trial lesson
  2. You take a free lesson where you get to know me and my teaching style.
  3. You then can make a decision about the continuation of lessons
  4. If you choose to do nothing then that’s it. You have learned the basics of learning to play the piano.
  5. When you choose to continue with lessons then I send you a document that contains everything you need to set up including the textbook you need to obtain. (Amazon stock them worldwide and many music shops.)
  6. When your book arrives, email me to book your next lesson
  7. Once your lesson is booked I send you a link to arrange to pay weekly for your lessons.
  8. Before your lesson, I will send you a Zoom invite for your lesson.
  9. When your lesson is over we arrange the date and time for your next lesson. Lessons are not fixed at a weekly time or day. Your next lesson is completely flexible in date and time.

No risks to you

We all have problems, we suddenly get sick, the internet goes down, you or I get a power cut. Suddenly work calls.

The list is endless. 

You cannot lose your money. Any lesson not taken for any reason will be refunded if it has not been possible to re-arrange the lesson that week. It doesn’t matter if it is your problem or my problem that prevents the lesson from being taken. You will be refunded after your seven days has passed. The reason for waiting is to allow time for you to re-arrange your lesson that week.

Type of lessons

This type of piano or keyboard lesson is by the use of learning to play with music. As you learn the piano you are simultaneously learning to read music. This is a full music course full of fun and enjoyment. You will love it.

Below is a video of me teaching a student.

And here a video of me teaching a youngster.

Note: permission was given for the use of both of these videos.