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Minor chords form the basis of many types of music such as the blues. They provide a completely different type of feeling to the music. Major chords are usually associated with bright happy music. Add a minor chord and the music changes completely. It can be a complete mood change to sad melancholy music or stay happy and just soften the mood being felt.  

The piano chord A minor is a useful chord

If playing in the key of C Major then the chord of A minor belongs here. 

The key of C Major is one of the most popular keys in modern music so it follows that the relative minor of C Major, which is A minor is an important chord to learn.

It is also one of the easiest chords to learn and to play.

Try playing a few songs using the chord of A minor and even a few written in the key of A minor. Feel the difference in the feeling of the music where minor chords are used.


Songs using The A minor chord

  • Things We Said Today, this one is in the key of A minor
  • Walk On Bye contains A minor 7
  • Hotel California is in A minor
  • Anyone Who Had A Heart A minor
  • Love Potion #9 is a real oldie in A minor
  • Walk, Don’t Run another oldie
  • When Johnny Comes Marching Home Again This song is not usually played in A minor but transposes well and gives a really good sound.
  • Black Magic Woman the A minor in this song provides a perfect effect.
  • California Dreaming yet another song with A minor
  • Light My Fire full of A minor 7 chords
  • The Feeling by Justin Bieber uses both A minor and E minor to really good effect.

How to find chords for songs

Finding the chords for songs is really quite easy. There are many sites on the internet where chords for songs are freely available. Just don’t use them for public playing or online such as YouTube.

Most sites are for guitars, but the music is the same as are the chords. This site is very good for chords, they often have different versions and can even transpose into different keys. This is very useful if you don’t know a lot of chords yet. Transpose into a key you know a few chords for. is very useful for chord finding.

Exercises you can try.

Take a simple song that uses 12 bar blues using C F & G and play that. Then insert the A minor chord after the F chord in sequence so you are playing C F Am G repeat. Feel the difference in the feelings invoked by the music.

Learn all of the minor chords to push your playing into a different realm of music ambiance.

First of all, learn how to play the piano chord of A minor

Learn More Chords

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