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The A minor scale on piano

The A minor scale on piano is a very easy scale to learn and is used in a great number of pieces of music.

In this free music lesson video, you will learn how to play the complete scale of A minor.

Learning scales are often seen as boring or unnecessary but scales are essential if a student wishes to be a real pianist. Many self-taught people will say they don’t use scales and have never learned them.  This may be true they have not learned them. They have been playing in scales, they just don’t know that they have.

Once scales are known, playing in any key is so easy to do.

The video is part of my learn piano scales video course. which is included in site membership

I hope you enjoyed the lesson and it has inspired you to learn to play the piano. Please check back regularly to take the other free lessons that I regularly post here on this site.

Lesson Types

The type of piano lesson you choose to take is important.

There are many types.

  • A private teacher locally who can teach you usually once a week with practicing at home between lessons. This is probably the best method of learning to play the piano.
  • One-to-one lessons online are similar to a local private teacher but the lesson times are not fixed as the nature of being online is more flexible.
  • An online piano course that can be used at any time of day to suit your schedule. there is also a financial advantage in this manner. The downside is that support can be either unavailable or poor in standard.
  • Take random lessons obtained from the internet. This method is patchy and has no support at all.
  • Get a friend to show you how. A pianist usually can play well but are they a trained piano teacher who can teach well.

When choosing your teacher and lessons, choose the best you can find and it will be well worth it in your piano journey.

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