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First Beginners Piano Lessons

This post is the first in a series of piano lessons taken from my chords piano course.

This and the next few lessons will start you off with playing the piano and help you realise how easy it is to become a pianist or keyboard player. the playing is basically the same. I use a keyboard for teaching as camera angles are easier to achieve.

This lesson teaches you to learn how to sit at the piano, your finger numbers and the names of the notes and how to find them.

In a short time, you will be able to find your notes and know which fingers to use in subsequent lessons.

The book that is being referred to is part of the complete course found inside the member’s area of this site.

Beginners Lessons

Beginners are often put off by piano lessons as there seems so much to learn. 

At first, it can seem daunting, however in this series of lessons I break everything down into short simple steps. Learning to play the piano is like learning anything new. There is so much to learn.

Think about swimming, all the strokes to learn, swimming fast or slow but first of all it is necessary to not drown.

So first of all you are taught to enjoy the water and not be afraid of it, then how to do basic swimming strokes.

The piano or keyboard is just the same. Learn the notes, find out how to play loud and soft, play three notes at a time to make a chord. Really it is a simple progression of simple easy lessons.

You won’t regret trying.

Video Lessons In This Series

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