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First Beginners Piano Lessons Number Three

This is beginners piano lessons number three. In this video from my play piano with chords course, you will be learning to count.

Counting does two things. First, it keeps your timing correct so that your songs sound like songs. No one can sing to your songs if your timing is varying.

The second thing that timing does is help you to play better. Counting as you play helps you get your notes in order. You will appreciate the importance of counting as you play as your playing progresses from simple songs to more complicated songs.

As with the chords you learned, it was important to practice them and counting as you play those chords requires practising too.

Practising will ensure that your playing is fluid, in time and will sound as it should do.

Lessons in this series.

I hope you are enjoying these beginner’s piano lessons. Playing the piano is a lifelong learning experience that is incredibly fulfilling and enjoyable. In no time at all, you will be able to play quite well and from there, your playing will improve each time you sit down to play.

Pianists are always thinking about improving their playing and trying new things. The piano is such an incredible instrument, it is almost an orchestra in itself.

I hope you continue learning the piano or keyboard long after you have taken these few lessons.


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