First Beginners Piano Lessons Number Five

First Beginners Piano Lessons Number Five

This is beginner’s piano lessons number. In this video from my play piano with chords course, you will be learning the chord of D Major.

Chords form the basis of songs. If you wish to sing and play, you need to play chords.

You will learn to play a lot of chords as you progress through your playing. However, around 15 chords learned are enough for you to play the majority of the songs you will want to play.

As with everything else you learned, it was important to practice them. Counting as you play those chords requires practising too.

Practicing will ensure that your playing is fluid, with your singing being tightly in time.

Lessons in this series.

This short series of piano lessons are typical of learning to play the piano or keyboard lessons.

Always look for short step-by-step lessons that do not overcrowd your mind. short crisp quality lessons are essential if you are to achieve your ambition of being a brilliant pianist.

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