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Piano Lessons For Children

An introduction to parents on how I teach very young children to play the piano with fun interesting lessons aimed specifically at young children.

Piano Lessons For Children From Five Years Old

Children from five years of age learn to play the piano very well. they enjoy fun happy lessons and are able to reach the notes. Often parents think that their tiny hands are too small but manage very well.

Child students do need to be able to read a little, know their letters A to G  and be able to count. That is all they need to be able to do before taking lessons.

A piano or keyboard is required, a keyboard is perfectly OK to learn on. In fact, I use a keyboard to teach with, even in adult lessons the keyboard offers me more scope with camera angles and lighting than a piano does.

What Children Learn With Children's Piano Lessons

I don’t believe that children should learn to play the piano with tricks and quick methods of learning a few tiny songs.

Adults may need instant results but children don’t. 

Children learn to play the piano with proper lessons with ease. they enjoy learning to read music and understand the squiggles and dots on the page. For them, it is just another special code like everything else at school.

So I always teach children properly. they learn to read music from day one as they play the piano.

When learning the piano it is necessary to learn the notes and the various ways they can be played, How to play notes loud, soft, and in between, how to use the pedals together with using both hands at the same time. Sometimes the left hand plays louder than the right hand and vice versa.

Then there is the reading of music that informs which notes to play when to play loud or soft when to play short sharp notes etc.

This is what makes the playing of the piano so magical and children love it. The skills learned are invaluable in the whole of their future life.

Look out for my other posts on children’s piano lessons that are all included in site membership.

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