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Children's Piano Lesson Number Four

This children’s piano lesson is taken from the young children’s piano course within the membership and is for very young children to begin learning to play the piano.

Children from five years take this course and then proceed to the next children’s piano course. The next course is started by children of seven years and above.

As children progress they progressively take the next course in a sequence.

All of the courses follow a standard textbook. this is exactly the same as if a child was coming to me for private piano lessons. 

The courses are online which has a great cost-saving. Unlike a downloadable course, I am always available to support your child. Even to the point of support via zoom live.

At least for the first few lessons, it is best if an adult is present in the room with the child. Counting and some reading is involved which may require assistance for very young children.

Lesson Requirements

To take children’s piano lesson, the following are required.

  • A piano or keyboard
  • A textbook The type and links to get it are in the membership area.
  • An internet connection
  • A means of connecting to the site. Phone, tablet, computer.
  • A pencil
  • A site membership
  • To be able to count to eight, be able to understand letters from A to G. To be able to read simple words such as ‘half’ ‘note’

What Next

It is difficult to decide how to provide lessons for a child. There are so many sites promising this and that and many do a good job of teaching.

Many sites don’t. Anyone can call themselves a piano teacher. I want everyone to be 100% sure that I can teach children to play the piano.

Over 25 years experience of teaching the piano and being accredited by the Associated Board of the Royal Schools Of London means I can and do teach properly.

Sometimes a parent is happy with their child’s progress but becomes disappointed later. Too late, the course was purchased and the money has gone.

I feel so strongly that no child or parent should have to continue with lessons that they are not happy with. 

I provide a 60-day moneyback guarantee with no questions asked. Also, membership is by a low monthly payment. If anyone does not wish to continue, just cancel the payment and it’s finished. There is no requirement to pay a large upfront payment. Just a low monthly charge.

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