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The Scale Of A Major How To Play It

The Scale Of A Major On The Piano

Major scales form the basis of the majority of music compositions. This is why it is so important to learn all of the major scales. all scales are important but the major scales need to be the first ones you learn.

In the video above I teach the first major scale A Major. This particular lesson is from my scales course within the membership area of this site.

What Are Scales?

Scales are just the notes usually played when playing in a particular key. Once a scale is known then those notes are the only notes to be played in that piece of music. (Not totally true as there are accidental notes that are sometimes included.) Generally, the scale notes are the notes to be played.

Can I Not Bother with Scales

You could not bother with scales, especially if you read music. You just play what is written on the page.

This does make playing difficult. The key signature at the front of the music designates which notes are sharp or flat. Essentially the scale. 

When playing by music if the scale is known then automatically the sharp or flat notes are known as the scale is remembered. Without knowing the scale a pianist would need to keep checking the key signature to check sharp and flat notes.

If playing without music the notes to be used have to be remembered continuously whereas if the scale is known the notes to be used are automatic in the pianist’s head.

So I would say that scales are very important to be known. although in the beginning, they may be a little tedious to learn. In the long run of your playing career knowing scales is invaluable.

In Short LEARN YOUR SCALES  you won’t regret it.

The major scales are the first ones you should learn to play.

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