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Is it Easy to Learn to Play Piano?

The simple answer to is it easy to learn to play the piano is yes it is very easy.

It looks bewildering but it has many advantages over stringed instruments.

  1. Strings need to be tuned each time the instrument is used.
  2. Where do you put your fingers on a violin, cello, viola, etc? Only a trained ear can get that right.
  3. Sore fingers are an issue with strings.
  4. With woodwind instruments, it is not easy to get a good or even a sound out of a reed.
  5. Brass needs the lip positions to be changed and a good ear to say nothing of where the slide goes with a trombone.

Assuming the piano is in tune (It takes quite some time to need re-tuning) then pressing the not C will be C every time, no need to check to tune or get sore fingers from sharp cutting strings.

It is Easy to Learn How?

Learning to play the piano or a keyboard for that matter means starting at the beginning and learning a bit each day.

We learn to walk bit by bit and then when that is mastered we move on to toddling, running, skipping, and jumping.

Learning to play the piano is just the same.

What is Involved

First, you will learn how to sit, what your fingers are called, and what the notes are called.  as there are only twelve different notes that repeat up and down the keyboard that is really easy. From there it’s a case of learning the order to put the notes for a song and that’s it you are playing the piano.

It Can't Be That Easy

Well, it can be but you won’t be a very good pianist. How you play the note, how you time the notes, the feelings you put into the music, and how to play the piano with two hands and with or without music. This is where real learning comes in.

Similar to running at school. Some people are better at it than others but you are all together running. We can’t all be the best but with practice, you can improve and attain high results with anything we do.

The keyword is practice. The more you do the better you get at it.

Will it Take Years to Learn Piano

This is a double answer, yes and no. If you want to play songs and entertain yourself and your family then you will be able to learn this easily within a year. Some people may only take six months. This does depend on the quality of their lessons and the amount of time they put into practice. 

I always think the word practice frightens people off. It is better to think of playing what you have learned so far and enjoying yourself.

If you wish to become a much more accomplished pianist then you keep taking lessons for as long as it takes to get you to the level you wish to be. There is nothing wrong with getting so far and taking a break for a time. Even years and then taking more lessons to advance your profficiancy.


Music Frightens Me. It looks So Complicated.

It does but it’s not. The lines indicate the pitch of the notes. notes are named A to G so the lines are names and spaces are named after the notes. A sign at the beginning tells you the speed and there is a sign to tell you which key the music is in and another to tell you the clef which is the basis of the line names.

Then the lines are verticle lines to put the music into small sections. The various words tell you how it should be played such as loud, soft etc. Then the different shape circles on the lines and spaces are for different amounts of time the note is played for.

Basically, that is it. When you start to play you use simplified music so most of that stuff is not used.

Music is essentially a pattern that you follow. using your fingers.

Do I Have to Learn Music to Play Piano?

No, you don’t need to learn music to play the piano. It is better if you do but not essential. I actually have a course on playing the piano without music. Several thousand people have used the course to learn. 

This method is ideal if all you want to do is play songs. It is also good at getting you to be able to play songs whenever you want to and then take lessons with music later. (It is one of the membership courses)

I personally would advise most people to learn piano with music. But it is a personal choice.

I have found that students who learn with music tend to separate their hands a little quicker when playing with music.

So How Long Will It Take?

How long is totally up to you and your piano teacher. 

A good teacher, the amount of time you put into practicing will all affect how long it takes you to learn piano. To be a wonderful student with advanced skills will normally take around four to five years and to be able to play sufficiently for the average person to think wow, six to twelve months. Which is really quite quick.

Of course, this is with a dedicated student who practices every day. I don’t mean hours of practice. Around 15 minutes a day to start off with and 30 minutes as you progress.

Can I Teach Myself

Some people are able to do that. A couple of years ago I met a couple who played for me. He really was amazing. Whatever you asked him to play he could play and play properly and well. He was totally self-taught. Fortunately for me as a piano teacher most people cannot teach themselves. Some can and do. How long it took him to learn I don’t know but he was impressive. 

If you do have a gift for the piano take a few lessons just to start you off and make sure you at least use the right fingers on the notes. Running out of fingers is the most common problem students make.

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