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Learn how to play chords on the piano

Learning to play chords on the piano can be all some people need to satisfy their need to learn the piano. Many songs are played with nothing more than chords. To only learn to play the piano with chords does miss out much of what music is about, but what is wrong with it if it is enough for you?


How chords are played on the piano

Chords are two or more notes played simultaneously that are the correct notes for a particular chord. For example, the chord of C Major uses the three notes C, E, G. That is pretty simple. If you learn the notes on the piano from left to right and obtain a piano chord book, you can play any chord and song.

Of course, the next question will be, why do people take years to learn to play the piano if it is that simple?

The answer is that they can play after a short period but how well? We learn to run at an early age, but if we wish to become an Olympic runner we have to train for years.

A video showing how to play the chord of A Major

Play Video

Chords on the piano

From what you saw in the video, learning to play the chords is relatively straightforward. Playing the chords well takes practice, and using the correct fingers for each chord is essential.

Membership of this site provides many courses of instruction for learning to play the piano, including a complete course on how to play the piano with only chords, a course to teach over 80 chords, where chords come from so you always understand them, and if you wish you could learn with music as well. Why not try it out for yourself. But first of all learn how to play chords on the piano and then see how you feel about your future playing.

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