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This may not be what you are expecting.

Online piano lessons for beginners wanting to learn piano properly with free lessons are what you are after. It is the right place if you are searching for a free piano lesson. Some time ago, the site was updated, and some posts were moved to a different section or eliminated as they may not be relevant now. Please read on and find out.

Learning to play piano with real lessons

As many know, at Jackie Clark Music, the idea is to teach piano to adults and children properly without introducing invented methods that initially seem faster than traditional methods but have to be unlearned later. I emphasize proper because, in the long run, learning to play piano properly is the quickest way to learn to play the piano. Even my free online piano lessons for beginners teach everything properly. The last thing I want is for someone to learn bad habits or cut corners. I want you to be a master of the piano and not the alternative.

Classical music

The one type of music I hated learning was classical music. So, I don’t teach classical music. I will if you want to learn it, but the average student does not touch classical.

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This part of the website used to have many posts with help with tricks and tips needed to fit better with the site’s quality content in the posts section. These have been moved to the free membership area of the site, although some are still contained within this area. Look around to see if what you are looking for is here.

You could have arrived here due to a link that no longer exists. Some of the pages were moved to the free membership part of the site. You can find them here. Membership is free, and there is no pressure to join the paid level. If you are serious about learning to play the piano, you will choose to join when it suits you.

Online piano lessons for beginner’s class types

The free section has a short Boot Camp course that will allow you to see if learning the piano is really for you. Learning to play the piano often seems a good idea, but the reality is different. A short story for you. I dreamed of learning to be a glider pilot. Eventually, I signed up for gliding lessons. Wow! I am going to be a glider pilot and fly in the sky. The first lesson was so dull that I didn’t enjoy it. I did lose a small amount of money for the rest of the special offer lessons. Thankfully I didn’t sign up for the full-price classes first.

Don’t sign up for complete courses for anything you are interested in. Sign up for the free lessons first and try them out first. You will be glad you did try them out for free, especially if you find whatever it is you tried is not for you.

What next

As mentioned, look around to see if it is here; if not, it could be in the free area, or get in touch and ask a question.

Try the free lessons in the site’s free area before committing yourself to full membership for online piano classes for beginners, or ask me about learning to play the piano. Don’t be concerned about asking questions. I love helping people; if you don’t know something, request, and I will see how to help.

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