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The best way to learn piano properly

Whatever it is you learn to do, you want to learn it properly to enable you to be the best you can be while doing it. Learning to play the piano is the same as learning anything that must be learned properly.

In this article today, I will discuss the different types of learning to play the piano and the different teaching methods

The types of piano lessons under discussion are:

  1. Private lessons in your home or at a piano teacher’s studio
  2. Private lessons online at your home using Zoom or other meeting software
  3. Online recorded lessons, such as with a membership site

Of course, the most important point is the quality of the piano teacher. Anyone can set up as a piano teacher. If someone can play the piano, they can become a piano teacher. Something that needs checking before parting with money.

Private lessons at home or studio

Piano lessons at home or in the studio, without a doubt, will always be the best type of lesson. This is assuming the teacher teaches students properly with music. Some teachers teach songs by ear, and although the student will feel they have learned the art of piano playing, they have not learned to play properly.

A private teacher can assess a student’s capabilities and tailor lessons for the individual student. The student will learn to read music while also being able to play the piano simultaneously. The student will become fluent in reading and playing the piano while properly applying expression and dynamics. Should it be wished, the student can take exams progressively as they master the piano over time.

The chosen teacher must be properly qualified and experienced to nurture the students’ progress.

There are disadvantages to this method of teaching. A fixed time slot is required each week, which is difficult or impossible for some to arrange. Working schedules are not as rigid as they once were, and flexibility with working prevents adults from committing to a fixed time. 

Children are more likely to be able to commit to a fixed schedule.

Private lessons online have all the advantages of a teacher visiting you at home and can be much more flexible. The teacher will not be in the room but onscreen with you and able to assess your playing, putting right anything that requires attention. 

Because teachers using this method are not constrained by times that can be worked, they can be more flexible with lesson times; lessons can be moved around to suit the student, quite often at short notice.

Special equipment is unnecessary; many students use a mobile phone or even several of them simultaneously. With this type of teaching, teachers tend to be tech-savvy and able to use a range of helpful ideas to improve understanding.

The better piano teachers will provide lesson notes/practice notes for the student to use between the last and next lessons.

Disadvantages: There can be internet issues that can make a lesson impossible. These issues can range from computer failure, software failure, the internet being off or a power cut. However, these are rare in practice. The better teachers understand this and do not charge for the lessons.

The biggest disadvantage is that anyone can set themselves up as a piano teacher even if they are only one lesson in front of you. Some extremely good piano teachers are online, and care should be taken to find the one that suits you best.

Choose well, and your piano tuition will be second to none.

Online recorded lessons, such as with a membership site

This type of piano learning can be horrendous or full of imagination and as good if not better than a private teacher. How good depends on how good the teacher is at teaching the piano to students.

As with the other methods, anyone can be a piano teacher. Being a brilliant pianist does not always translate into being a brilliant teacher. With due diligence, you will find brilliant teachers providing piano lessons online.

In this medium, lessons can be in the form of downloadable pdf lessons, an eBook, or online videos. The alternative is a membership site where all of the lessons are by video. With this type of tuition being a membership site, support is more likely to be provided.

The quality of the lessons is high, as professional teachers are more likely to run this type of music membership site.

The type of lesson should be similar to those of a piano teacher in your home. Many very successful piano sites provide lessons in apps and online using their made-up systems that teach the piano in tunes. A wide range of systems exist such as moving patterns, and color coding.  Some also teach some music; however, their system takes precedence. If this is a student’s preferred learning method, provided they do not wish to learn music properly with all the advantages, then that type of site would be right for them.

From a personal point of view, not having to learn music later is an advantage. I prefer to learn music with my lessons first and learn properly. Many people would disagree. How a student learns is a personal choice.

Whatever method is chosen, check out the piano teacher first to ensure you choose the best way to learn piano properly.

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