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Jackie Clark

Music is my passion

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Know About Me.

I began messing about with a piano at the age of seven. I seemed to have an aptitude for the piano so off to piano lessons I went.

From there I eventually became a piano teacher myself. 

I did have another passion. Swimming! I loved swimming and was good at racing. I eventually began to train for the Olympic games. That finished when I fell off a rope swing and broke my back.

So music was my only passion and I have enjoyed teaching students of all ages ever since.

I love the interaction with students and seeing them grow in confidence as they achieve so much in playing the piano.

Practice Makes Perfect

Experienced Piano teacher

good to know.

Experience means any problem with playing the piano will quickly be recognised and a plan put in place to rectify the situation.

No contract terms for lessons mean cancellation at any time with no penalty

I don’t mind if a student has a very expensive piano or a keyboard. My lessons are the same.

Work Experience.

25 years plus experience teaching adults and children to play the piano.

Ten years experience of teaching students to play the piano & keyboard online both with pre-recorded courses and one to one live online lessons.


Qualified to teach with the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of London.

Experience in running music studios in the UK and Cyprus

100% online teaching now.

Knowledge is everything

My Skills.



Years of experience in the teaching of young children the piano.



Adults learn differently to children. A slightly different approach is needed.


Online Teaching

Online teaching requires different strategies to in-studio teaching. 

Ten years of experience ensures I have the well honed skills for this.

more about me


A mother of three children, originally from the UK and now living in a sunnier place.


Travel is something not done very often, especially  with world pandemic restrictions at the moment


I don’t read as much as I should. I do love whodunnit books.

I also enjoy the odd romantic novel. I have written a few books. A couple of piano books and a few more cooking recipe books.


I used to love the cinema but in recent years, the light from dozens of mobile phones all around has in many respects ruined the experience.

Netflix is now my cinema except for the odd blockbuster where the big screen is unbeatable.


Music is my life and I have a wide range of types I enjoy.

Beethoven obviously. Abba, Queen, Rod Stewart, Adelle. I could go on I like so many styles and artists. I don’t really like heavy rock music. I do like some Rap but one swear word and I am gone.