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About Jackie Clark Music

I began learning to play the piano at seven years of age. I enjoyed taking lessons and progressively working through exams.

Playing the piano was not my first love, that was swimming. I adored swimming and excelled in racing and was being trained for the Olympic games. This was going well until I broke my back swinging on a rope swing. These days I probably could have continued once my back was healed. Treatment in those dark days was to not do anything strenuous and forget swimming competitively.

So The piano became my major hobby. I do not like performing in public. I even ran out of a piano exam because I find playing in public difficult. Teaching became my career and has been for over 30 years.

I have had several schools of music in several countries and now teach online. I do this both through this membership site and also with live lessons using Zoom or Google Meet. 

How do you feel about exams?

Some students love the idea of taking exams, others are terrified. I don’t mind if students do or don’t take exams. for a student it is a personal choice. I took exams because it was how things were done in the days I took my piano lessons. 

When I think about it I really had no choice, once my teacher thought I had reached a sufficient standard my exam was booked and off I went for the exam. This is not something I would force on any student. I believe lessons and enjoying playing the piano are more important than taking exams. Most students don’t have an interest in exams. The ones that are interested in exams I am pleased to ensure they reach the required standard to take the exam. 

To take lessons it is necessary to change from this membership site to live lessons, however courses on this site are more than adequate to get students to a standard ready for exam coaching.

I am always available for support and advice. Contact me on