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Unlock your potential as a pianist with our comprehensive lessons! Here’s what you can expect:

  1. Learn to read music and play the piano or keyboard with and without music, so you can play any music.
  2. Play with two hands from the start, so you can start mastering complex pieces sooner.
  3. Learn everything properly with our expert guidance, so you can become the best pianist you can be.
  4. Enjoy full personal support from our team so you never feel stuck or alone.
  5. Our 100% satisfaction guarantee means you get a full refund if you’re not satisfied within 60 days. That’s over eight weeks of piano tuition for free!

With our lessons, you can achieve your dream of becoming a skilled pianist. Don’t wait any longer to start your journey. Enroll now and unlock your full potential!

Beginners Piano Lessons Complete System

Are you tired of incomplete piano lessons that leave you feeling unfulfilled and frustrated? Look no further!

Our traditional approach to teaching piano ensures that nothing is missed out on.

We guarantee that you can learn to play the piano or keyboard properly, whether you’re a child or an adult. With over 5000 satisfied students, we know our approach works.

But we also understand that not everyone wants to dive right into learning music theory. That’s why we also offer a program for those who want to start playing without the added complexity of learning music. We’ve got you covered!

Don’t settle for a mediocre music education. Choose our proven method and start playing like a pro.


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Some of the included piano courses

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Lessons Piano or Keyboard

Most of my students use a keyboard. The price is obviously much lower than a piano and many homes don’t have room for even a small piano. 

I use a keyboard for teaching because it is better for filming.

Piano or keyboard, for learning it doesn’t matter. If you can use a keyboard with weighted keys. They feel more like a piano!

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Over 300 Video Lessons

All of my courses feature video lessons. More are being added to suit your progress regularly, to advance your range of learning constantly.

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beginners piano lessons money back guarantee

60 Day Money-Back

We’re so confident in the effectiveness of our lessons that we offer a 60-day money-back guarantee. If for any reason you’re not satisfied with your progress, we’ll give you a full refund, no questions asked.

But here’s the best part: in just 60 days, you could have progressed through an entire course of our lessons. That’s right – you’ll have the opportunity to experience our comprehensive teaching style and see the results for yourself. We believe in our lessons and we’re committed to your success. Enroll today and take advantage of this risk-free opportunity to become the pianist you’ve always wanted to be!

Playing In Minutes

In five minutes time, you could be starting your first piano lesson.

Discover how you can be that person who can sit at a piano keyboard and begin playing.

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Video Lesson

Take a look at a lesson and see if it would suit you!

(The student is following music in a text book.)

With 60 days moneyback guarantee you don’t need to take a look you would be able to see lots of lessons in that time.

While you remain a member your price is locked and will never increase. No matter what price changes occur in the future. Your price is locked in.

With Full Support

I support all students as quickly as I can. (Usually Same Day)

My aim is to get you playing the piano or keyboard as quickly as possible commensurate with you learning to play the piano properly.

That is why I support all of my students, properly.

I am Jackie Clark and I teach beginners piano lessons with music to students of any age to play the piano properly and have done for over 25 years.

Why? because I know that proper lessons with music are the best way to learn to play the piano or keyboard.

Every lesson I do teaches everything properly. No shortcuts that you will suffer from in the future. This does mean that my teaching does not include modern tricks that just miss out on stuff, or that you will only learn to play classical music. I don’t teach classical music unless specifically requested.

In no time at all you will be playing with two hands, reading and playing from music and playing from your head without any music. Learning with music is a lot easier than it looks. Music is just patterns on a page, simple little instructions. Learning with music may appear slower in the first few months but after that students rocket ahead of none music studies.

Not only are you learning to play the piano, but you are also learning to read music at the same time. Being able to read music means you can play any type, style or genre of music at any time. Improvisation will also become second nature.

Different to other piano lessons online I can teach you any level of piano playing you wish to achieve. with superb support from day one.

My lessons are always fun and interesting. You can take 60 days of lessons and never pay for them if you don’t like them. Find out for yourself how much fun you will have learning to play the piano with me.

Join the Over 5000 students who have taken my online courses, that are as near to me being in the room with you as I can make them. My support is always available.