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Through this page, I can be contacted for any reason. If you need support, if you wish to book a free session for online private lessons, to complain, or for any other reason at all. 

You can also discuss anything at all with me or other students through the Facebook group  Jackie Clark Music Studio

Often just chatting about a problem can help when problems occur. The piano or any instrument is a lifelong learning curve. You don’t learn to play the piano and that’s it. There are always new things to learn or try out. Music changes that you may wish to try out.

You may wish to delve into music at a deeper level or even take exams that need specific pieces of music to learn.

Possibly you learned as a child but gave it up as a teenager and now wish to return to the piano. This is more common than you may realize. Contact me to find out where you are with playing and I can advise you as to where you might wish to start. There is no point in learning finger numbers if you did it some time ago.

Don’t be an island become part of a musical community. Play with others, it can be great fun.