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Deprecated Post

The post you are looking for has been deprecated and is no longer available Here.

Sorry but the post you are looking for is a deprecated post. It may be in the posts  or the free membership section of the site. Many have been moved to the free section. This link  will take you to it. 

When this site changed to a membership site, it offered amazing value and quality piano lessons. Many of the older posts became irrelevant. Removing them was the best way of ensuring that no one had incorrect information.

Please feel free to stay and see if we have anything else to offer that you need to know. If you wish to know about anything to do with learning the piano. Please contact me and I will do my best to answer your question. Either directly or in a post or video. I have many instructional videos on YouTube that will start you on your journey to becoming a pianist. Check them out and see if you enjoy learning to play the piano with me.

My aim is to allow all piano students to become the best pianists they can become. Regardless of whether they are taking lessons with me or with other teachers. Look out for my video posts here and on my YouTube Channel.



Deprecated Post & Why They Occur

In music, there are few removed posts. Music is fairly constant. My removed posts are mainly because how I teach piano and what I teach has changed. My aim is to provide incredible value coupled with the best lessons available. they are free to try in the free section. (Link Above)

I believe I can do that by offering the most targeted lessons I can provide.

My music lessons are always fun and interesting. Students are doing this for pleasure. Pleasure should be fun and bring happines.