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How You Can Learn to Play Piano Like a Pro

If you have ever considered learning to play the piano but have been held back by self-doubt. You are not alone.

Worries like:

  • It will take me forever to learn. No, it won’t.
  • I can’t commit to the same time every week; you won’t need to.
  • Will I have to learn music? No, you don’t, but it is better if you do.
  • I can’t afford lessons; yes, you can, $40 a year on a special offer within everyone’s reach.
  • I hate classical music. I don’t want to learn it, that’s not a problem. I don’t teach classical music.
  • Are these proper lessons, or is just someone who can play teaching me? These are proper piano lessons recorded by a very experienced teacher.


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Easy Piano Lessons for Beginners

I know everything about me is wrong to learn the piano

  • I am too old – If you are over 90, you probably are too old to start.
  • Only youngsters can learn. No students learn at any age, even in their 70s
  • My keyboard is not a piano, so I can’t learn to play.
  • I am tone-deaf. I bet you are not.
  • I have no talent. With suitable lessons, you don’t need talent.
  • I have heard all of these excuses many times. 
  • All of these excuses are not real. Anyone can learn to play the piano. You may not end up a concert pianist. However, you will enjoy yourself playing the piano.

Here you can Learn how you want to

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This is a membership site with hundreds of lessons organized into several courses. You may study with music or without music using just chords. Children’s lessons, scales lessons, and chord lessons are all available.
You may study at any time of day or night and repeat the same course as many times as you choose.
The difference between my site and many others is that I provide support. Contact me first, or use a free asynchronous app to send me a brief video of your playing so I can review it and advise you on improving.


How Quickly Will You Learn

The course you take will determine how quickly you learn. If you put in the effort, you could have finished the chord course without music in three months.

It will take much longer to learn music. Of course, you may wish to continue on to more advanced courses after that. At the price of $40 per year for this site, you will be able to continue until you are a brilliant pianist.



Imagine that every time you see a piano or a keyboard, you know that if you want to, you can just sit down and play. Once you can play, you will be able to do just that.

As you improve, you might even find the courage to play on one of those pianos left in railway stations and airports to be played by anyone passing by.

You could even put videos of yourself playing the piano or keyboard on YouTube.

You could even make it your career.


My Vision Is For You To Play the Piano Like a Pro

I believe my vision is similar to yours. You want to learn to play the piano, and my goal is to assist you in doing so by delivering extremely high-quality piano lessons that will allow you to realize your vision.

This is accomplished through offering the greatest piano lessons possible as well as high-quality assistance. Particularly because I can see you via the video app. The software is simple to use. While playing, point your camera towards yourself. When you push the record button and then the stop button, the video is delivered to me. There is no need for modification.


I want you to feel comfortable with me and my lessons

Whatever we purchase, we want to know that it is what it is meant to be and not just what we were told.
I want you to be completely satisfied with your courses. So, if you are unhappy with anything, please contact me directly through support and I will assist you.