How You Can Learn to Play Piano Like a Pro

If you have ever wanted to play the piano but doubts have always prevented you doing so. You are not alone.

Worries such as it will take me forever to learn, it won’t. I can’t make the same time every week commitment, you won’t need to. will I have to learn music, No you don’t but it is better if you do. I can’t afford lessons, Yes can can $9.95 a month is within almost everyones reach. I hate classical music I don’t want to learn it, thats not a problem I don’t teach classical music. Are these proper lessons or just someone who can play teaching me, these are proper piano lessons recorded by a very experienced teacher.

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young man sitting at piano taking a beginners piano lessons online
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I know everything about me is wrong to learn the piano

  • I am too old – Obviously if you are over 90 you probably are a bit old to start
  • Only youngsters can learn
  • The keyboard you have is not a piano so I can’t learn to play
  • I am tone deaf
  • I have no talent
  • I have heard all of these excuses many times. 
  • All of these excuses are not real. Anyone can learn to play the piano. you may not end up a concert pianist, however you will enjoy yourself playing the piano.
  • I am tone deaf

Here you can Learn how you want to

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This site is a membership site with hundreds of lessons arranged into different courses. You can learn with music, you can learn without music with just chords. You can take childrens lessons, scales lessons and chords lessons.

You can learn at any time of the day or night & take the same lesson over and over again. 

The difference between my site and many other sites is that my support is included. Either contact me first or use an asynchronous app. (Free of Charge.) to send me a short video of your playing so that I can asess your playing and advise how you can overcome that problem.

How Quickly Will You Learn

How quickly you learn will depend on the course you take. the chords course without music could have playing within 3 months assuming you put the time into it.

To learn with music it will take a lot longer. And of course you may wish to go onto more advanced courses afterwards. At the price of this site $9.95 a month you will be able to afford to continue until you are a brilliant pianist. 


Imagine that everytime you see a piano or a keyboard knowing that if you want to you can just sit down and play. Once you can play you will be able to do just that.

As you improve you might even find the courage to play on one of those piano left in railway stations and airports to be played by anyone passing bye. 

You could even have your own YouTube channel featuring you playing the piano or keyboard.

You could even make it your carreer.

My Vision Is For You To Play the Piano Like a Pro

I suppose my vision is the same as yours. You want to learn to play the piano and mine is to help you to achieve that by providing very high quality piano lessons that will enable you to achieve your vision.

I do this by providing the best piano lessons I can and by providing high quality support. Especially by using the video app where I can see you playing. The app is easy to use. Point your camera at you while playing. Press the record button and when you press stop the video is sent to me. No editing required.

I want you to feel comfortable with me and my lessons

Whatever we buy we want to be secure that it is what it is supposed to be and not really what we were told.

I want you to be really happy and content with your lessons. So, anything you are not happy with, contact me personally through support and I will help you.