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Piano Coaching To Solve Your Problems

Piano coaching to solve your problems can often be the difference between practicing for hours and still make the same mistakes over and over again.

A simple coaching session can solve your problem and put you on the right track to advance your playing.

This is a single coaching session at a sensible price that anyone can afford. $30.00



How Piano Coaching - Problem Solving Works

A coaching session is carried out using Zoom.

  1. Contact me through email to arrange a suitable time and date with me, (please include your time zone and times you have available over the next week.) We can then arrange a session time and date.
  2. Pay for the session
  3. You will be sent the link to use for the time and date that has been arranged with you. (Note if for any reason the session does not happen. You can request a full refund or rearrange an alternate date for your session.)
  4. You will need a computer, camera with a microphone, an internet connection plus a piano or keyboard. A mobile phone can also be used providing it can be placed in a suitable position to be seen and heard.
  5. A document will be sent to you prior to your session with ideas of how to arrange your camera, laptop or phone for best effect.
  6. I will discuss your problem with you and listen to you play.
  7. From there a strategy for overcoming the problem can be advised which could include a practise schedule for you to use for a while.
  8. After the session you will be sent a coaching document brief, outlining everything covered in the session and any further actions for you to carry out.

Failure to receive the session.

There are many reasons that that can cause a session to fail such as equipment failure, power cuts, internet failure, sickness and others.

These problems can occur on your part as well as on my part. You will not lose your payment!

We can arrange another date for you or you can request a full refund. Refunds usually take place within two days or less.