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Piano Lesson Changes

This site has changed a little. The site now is a membership site for beginners to learn to play the piano properly.

Some of the posts you are searching for maybe in the free section of the site. 

To join completely free of charge where you will find a beginners Bootcamp piano course and other helpful videos click on the ‘Free’ link at the top of the page or the button below.

Why a Membership Site

I changed the site to a membership site because trying to teach the piano with individual courses leaves students on their own.

Yes, I support them individually but there is not a lot of interaction. A membership site has more of a community feel to it and allows a wider range of support measures to be used.

Also by buying a course a student will need to buy more courses later to expand their knowledge. With a membership site, a wide range of courses is available to each student.

I generally teach by the use of music as I believe and know through experience that it is by far the best way to learn to play the piano.

Sometimes a student does have a desire to be able to play the piano quickly. I do have a none music course available within the paid membership area that will teach a student to play without music quite quickly. The aim is to allow the playing of simple songs for pleasure and then take my fun lessons that teach the piano and music at the same time later.

No one regrets learning to play the piano properly with music.

The quality of lessons has not changed they are still as informative and advanced as before. More time is available for each lesson so you will get more out of each lesson.

A wider range of course types is also available to every member of the site.

I am so sure you will enjoy my lessons and your membership that for a full 60 days after joining you can get your money back with no questions or strings attached.

I want each student to achieve the best possible from their piano lessons. If my style is not for you then I would rather you find an alternate teacher that you can gell with.

That’s why the 60 days are as good as a trial period for you to be 100 percent sure my site is for you.

There is no need to contact me to get your money back.

Just click the update button in the member’s area to arrange your refund.


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