Make your Own Music Method of Relaxation

There are many ways to relax. some people find relaxation with running or cycling, some with medication or Yoga. Some use music to calm their minds and find relaxation by that means.

Some take up a new hobby or learn a new skill. Many learn to play an instrument such as the piano. A piano is quite large and expensive. It can also be prohibitory loud and upset the neighbours. Fortunately, electronic keyboards can have a very good piano sound, are inexpensive and can be listened to through headphones. Learning to play the piano is exactly the same on a keyboard as on a piano. The slight difference is that often the keys are slightly narrower on a keyboard than with a piano. Even this can be an advantage as it takes some time to achieve the stretch needed with some chords. Playing a musical instrument is fun and interesting. Different styles of music can be visited and something else tried. 


It doesn’t take long to learn enough to play a few songs and progression from there is quite rapid. The instrument also offers a lifetime of learning. In ten years time there is still something else to be learned. A new technique a new style, there is always something extra to keep your interest level.  It is impossible to run out of music to play and everytime that you play your skill level increases. within months you can play loads of songs. Everytime you play them you will be getting better. 

You are never friendless with a piano. wherever you find a piano, sit down and play and you will have a crowd of new friends crowding around you.



As a means of relaxation, it is a very good choice and the range of lesson methods is huge. Downloadable courses, online courses, one to one lessons with a private tutor and one to one virtual lessons are all available and offer something for everyone no matter how small or large their budget.

Of course, the Pandemic has made private tutoring difficult and impossible in some countries which is why so many piano teachers have taken their lessons on line. This has been chalenging for many, as a different way of working is required and everyone has their own way of setting up cameras and other equipment. some have done it well and others not so well. Some have extremely complicated setups. Our method of online teaching of the piano comes from years of experience of working with students on and off line as to what works. We have one idea. “keep it simple” the idea is to teach students to play the piano not to become tech experts. A simple laptop with a microphone and camera or a seperate camera and microphone is all that is required regarding tech. 

Learning to play the piano or a keyboard is a great way to find relaxation and you also become the most popular person in the room if there is a piano in it.