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Your Dream Of Playing Piano is Here

Learn To Play Your Way

My lessons are not one style. I have multiple types of lessons covering reading music and not reading music.

It’s your choice how you learn to play the piano.

Rest assured every lesson will be teaching you properly. No tricks, just proper piano lessons.

A natural progression from course to course and all covered in one membership. You will never need another place to be to learn the piano.

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Amazing Lessons

Over 5000 students have taken my lessons online over the past ten years and hundreds have been taught by me as private students. Over 25 years of me teaching students to play the piano experience.  

Maybe not cats!

I Teach Properly

I don’t miss things out. I don’t promise to teach you to play in a week or be able to play anything anytime soon. 

I often think those methods are like teaching someone to drive but not bother teaching mirrors, indicators or what to do at pedestrian crossings or traffic lights.

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Who is This Site for

Anyone who wishes to learn to play the piano or keyboard, from six years to eighty years can learn to play the piano through this site.

From Beginner to advanced My courses of piano lessons will take you there.

Most of my courses are music based. If you want to learn quickly then I do have a beginners none music course to get you playing quickly. The music courses can be taken later, after you have the pleasure of being able to play your own happy music for a while.

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Almost all lessons are by video. You will usually follow a text book, one you download and print or use on your device. Some courses will need you to obtain an inexpensive commercial text book. I give you the ISBN for the book and provide a link to get it from Amazon if you prefere.

Yes of course you can, keyboards and piano’s share the same keys and notes.

Most of my students use keyboards. I teach using a keyboard as it is easier for placing cameras.

No all course series are tailored for complete beginners and progress to greater levels of competancy. They all start for complete beginners,

All sales are carried out by Clickbank who are a major company in this field. This site has no details of your finances.

In the years I have used clickbank I have never known a problem.

Yes they are. A dedicated course for young children is part of membership and there are plans for three more courses to aid their progress.

Provided you are in an area where the Asociated Board of the Royal Schools of Music are operating, then yes you can if you take the full music courses. I would suggest you also take a few one to one private lessons with me before taking exams to ensure you are exam ready. The stab=ndard courses will take you to exam level. However exam ready needs assessment to be sure of your dexterity and understanding.

Yes it is. You don’t need to contact me just login to site, click on the modifications link for ClickBank. You will arrive at the Clickbank site where you can cancel your membership within the first 60 days.

Incidently you use the same link to change any of your details such as new credit cards, change of address etc.

Initially drop me an email, I try to respond same day where possible. I may be asleep depending on where you live. I am in CET. 

If the problem can’t be sorted out by discussion then I may ask you to send me a short video of you playing and where the problem is. Then I can see what your problem is and advise what to do. I may even arrange a short Zoom call with you to work together on this.

No, everything is online so you can access the course from anywhere. You can use a computer, a tablet or a phone.

I used to think a phone was too small to be realistic. That was until a student contacted me and said she prefered to do her lessons on her phone on the piano music stand.

I listened to her playing and singing. It proved I was wrong about using a phone for learning.

Any of your family can use the site for their lessons. Once you are logged in all of the lessons are available for you to use. As will all future lessons.



Traditional Lessons

The advantages of learning to play the piano properly cannot be emphasised enough. Tips and tricks with quick learning of odd songs may impress friends and family. Can you really say you are a pianist capable of playing any style of music with or without music?

Learn to play the piano properly and experience what it is like to really play the piano like a pro. 

You may not like my style or lessons. As you have a 60-day money-back guarantee you could easily try them out and learn to play quite a lot. Then get your money back if you don’t think my lessons are a good fit with you.

The Best Experience Ever

Over 220 video lessons available to you teaching from basics to intermediate piano. More courses and lessons are being added regularly. Support is always available. There is no such thing as a silly question. I have seen almost every problem a student can experience. Every problem has a solution for you.
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Jackie Clark
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