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My work is about students


With over 30 years of teaching experience, I’ve refined my piano teaching methods to perfection. My lessons now come in separate courses tailored for adults and children, and they focus primarily on playing sheet music on the piano. Additionally, I offer a course of instruction to those who want to learn without reading sheet music by using only chords.

I do not teach classical music. songs are interesting and recognizable.

As a seasoned piano instructor with over 30 years of experience, I have refined my teaching methods to effectively guide students in piano playing. My structured curriculum caters to learners of all ages and skill levels, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience. I prioritize imparting the musical aspect of piano playing while accommodating those who prefer to learn without relying on sheet music. I also appreciate that many people are put off by classical music. That’s OK; I don’t teach classical music. I had to learn classical music but do not enjoy playing it. So, why should my students?

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Knowledge is everything

My Skills.


Childrens Piano teacher

Children are a delight to teach piano. I teach from 5 years upwards


Adult piano teacher

Adults do well with membership piano lessons as they aften cannot commit to a fixed lesson time.



I am assessed by The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music London as a piano teacher.

Experience counts

My Experience

Over 25 years experience

Teaching children and adults to play the piano with almost 100% exam success rate. (The couple that failed insisted on taking the exams before they were ready)

I bring to this membership site the skills and experiences learned over many years that I use with my one to one students.

I have learned that students need support no matter how good the teaching is. That is why I offer free support to all students. Much of this is by video (Use a free app.) so I can demonstrate how to rectify any problems experienced.

My trust in you

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I have noticed that individuals appreciate knowing they are receiving authentic, high-quality resources. To ensure satisfaction, the website offers a comprehensive collection of lessons that can be accessed for 60 days. If, for any reason, you are not content with the materials, a refund can be requested & received. As an educator, my primary goal is to provide a positive learning experience for all students. It is important to me that students feel they are receiving valuable instruction and are able to develop proper piano-playing skills.

Live Lessons
Live Lessons
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My child loved the way she teaches. Lovely personality . Thanks Jakie
Live Lessons
Live Lessons
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Jackie is so awesome with kids. She is very professional. My children love to learn from her.
Live Lessons
Live Lessons
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We love Jackie! My kids said she is the best music teacher they ever had.
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My daughter loves this course. The teacher is awesome.


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