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Unlock the Joy of Music: Learn Piano at Your Own Pace

Have you ever dreamed of playing the piano? It’s always possible to turn that dream into reality! My engaging, painless piano lessons for beginners cater to students of all ages.

Your Dream:

  • Discover the joy of music:  Learning piano is more than just playing songs. It’s a rewarding journey that improves focus, memory, and self-expression.
  • Learn at your own pace:  My flexible program allows you to tailor your learning to your schedule and goals.
  • Build a strong foundation: I am an experienced teacher, ABRSM assessed for teaching abilities, with 25 years of teaching experience. I guide you through the fundamentals, ensuring you develop proper technique.
  • Play the music you love:  From classical to pop, choose the genre that inspires you and learn the skills to bring it to life.

Everyone Enjoys my painless Piano Lessons

You wish to learn piano for enjoyment and have fun. You are not doing it other than for pleasure, and learning the piano should be fun. 

Every time you sit down for a lesson or to practice, you should expect to be happier when you finish than when you start.  As you learn, your knowledge will increase, as will your skills. You will feel and hear that your playing is improving every day. 

Cutting corners to get you to play a few simple songs is not how I teach. I teach you properly. With my lessons you can be assured your playing will be the best you can achieve.

Program Features:

  • High-quality video lessons:  Learn from clear, engaging video tutorials that break down complex concepts into easy-to-understand steps.
  • Step-by-step curriculum:  Our structured program ensures you progress logically, building upon your knowledge with each lesson.
  • Learn by playing:  Practice makes perfect! Our approach emphasizes playing songs you’ll enjoy, keeping you motivated and engaged.
  • Multiple learning styles:  Whether you prefer sheet music or a more intuitive approach, we offer lessons to suit your learning style.
  • Superb support: No one is left to struggle on their own. Have a problem? I will help you overcome it. (included in membership.)


25 years plus experience:

Teaching adults and children for over 25 years in one-on-one lessons, with hundreds of exam successes, and over 12 years of teaching online, where thousands of students have taken my piano lessons, ensures the quality of teaching you will receive.

Childrens piano lessons example

You will need to click the security notice to see the videos. It is safe to do so.

Adult piano lessons example

All piano Courses

Just Chords Piano. You will learn how to play piano without using sheet music, which is a great way to learn if you are looking for speed or if you wish to jam with friends or sing along.

Piano for Kids. This course is suitable for teaching youngsters from the age of six to learn piano using sheet music. Children of this age learn music very easily, often better than reading words. The squiggles and patterns seem to gel with them.

Piano for adults one. An entire music piano course for adults of any age and children from 10 years of age often find this course ideal. Nothing is left out. By taking this course, students will learn everything they need to. After this course, they can go onto higher-level courses.

Piano Scales. Piano scales teach extra scales that were not covered in the other courses. More scales are essential to playing any music.

This is an intermediary-level course.

Piano Chords. This is a course teaching around 85 chords. The more chords are known, the greater the style and type of music that can be played. Minor, Major, Minor, and 7th chords are covered.

This is an intermediary level course

Tips and tricks teach things that students perhaps did not fully grasp in the courses or didn’t practice enough to master them.

Membership in this site means that every class taken will include painless piano lessons for beginners.  Learn to play like thousands before you by taking lessons on this site. If you want to take lessons online then you won’t find better tuition than right here on this site.

a five year old with parents playing her keyboard
A teeneage girl playing her keyboard after taking painless piano lessons


Lessons with support provide a good experience, whatever a student’s level. Membership numbers are limited to ensure I can provide personal, quality support for all students. High-quality lessons and support are essential for students like you to learn to play the piano properly while having a fun experience.

Are you ready to join

Before joining, please be assured that you can get a 100% refund within 60 days of joining, around eight weeks. This is plenty of time to ensure you learn correctly and enjoy piano playing.


Are you ready to embark on your musical journey? Sign up today and experience the difference between my enjoyable and exciting lessons.

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