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teenage boy playing piano with just chords piano

Piano Lessons are Painless, Fun and Easy

Painless piano lessons for beginners will teach anyone from six years to sixty years plus to play the piano.

Lessons are high quality video teaching everything needed for a student to learn piano properly.

Learn to play scales

Learn  Chords and how to use them

Learn to red music or not, it’s your choice.

Learn lots of songs and pieces of music until you reach the level of playing you need. Or continue taking more courses to reach advanced level piano playing.

You will be able to play. Rock, Pop, Classics, Boogie, Ballads, in fact every type of music imaginable can be playe when you continue to learn piano at higher and higher levels.

Everyone Enjoys The Full Video Happy Bright Piano Lessons

The whole family can learn to play the piano or keyboard with one inexpensive membership.Kids love the bright fun lessons for six year olds. Children move on quickly and even six your olds can read music and play amazingly well with happy piano lessons.

Slightly older cheldren learn just as fast with lessons for children reading music and playing more complex songs.

The no music lessons suit any age and allow students to learn without music so that they can jam with friends and play and sing. 

Membership of this site provides every type of lesson to allow anyone of any age to learn to play the piano properly.

When you join you have available

Just Chords Piano. You will learn how to play piano without using sheet music, which is a great way to learn if you are looking for speed or if you wish to jam with friends or sing along.

Piano for Kids. This course is suitable for teaching youngsters from the age of six to learn piano using sheet music. Children of this age learn music very easily, often better than reading words. The squiggles and patterns seem to gel with them.

Piano for adults one. An entire music piano course for adults of any age and children from 10 years of age often find this course ideal. Nothing is left out. By taking this course, students will learn everything they need to. After this course, they can go onto higher-level courses.

Piano Scales. Piano scales are there to teach extra scales that were not covered in the other courses. More scales are essential to be able to play any type of music.

This is an intermediary course.

Piano Chords. This is a course teaching around 85 chords. The more chords are known, the greater the style and type of music that can be played. Minor, Major, Minor, and 7th chords are covered.

This is an intermediary level course

Tips and tricks teach things that students perhaps did not fully grasp in the courses or didn’t practice enough to master them.

A young girl playing the piano
A child playing piano