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teenage boy playing piano while taking painless piano lessons for beginners.

Piano Lessons are Painless, Fun and Easy

Using my painless piano lessons for beginners you will learn to play the piano properly. If you are from six years to sixty years plus you can learn to play piano.

My lessons are high-quality videos teaching everything a student needs to learn to play piano properly.

Discover scales; they are more important than you might think.

Enjoy learning  chords and how to use them

Read music or not, it’s your choice.

Learn many songs and pieces of music until you reach the level of playing you need. You can also continue taking more courses to achieve advanced piano playing.

You will be able to play rock, Pop, Classics, Boogie, Ballads, in fact, every type of music imaginable, when you continue to learn piano at higher and higher levels. at a fraction of the price of traditional piano lessons.

Everyone Enjoys Happy painless Piano Lessons

With one inexpensive membership, the whole family can learn to play the piano or keyboard. Kids love the bright, fun lessons for six-year-olds. Children move on quickly; even six-year-olds can read music and play amazingly well with happy piano lessons. Imagine listening to your child playing the piano (Or keyboard. Most youngsters start with a keyboard.)

Slightly older children learn just as fast with lessons for children reading music and playing more complex songs.

Learn with no-music lessons to suit any age. Students should be able to learn without music, jam with friends, play, and sing. 

Membership on this site provides every type of lesson to allow anyone of any age to learn to play the piano properly. That’s why we call them painless piano lessons for beginners, as they are easy to follow and all contained in separate courses.

All the Painless piano lessons for beginners available to members.

Just Chords Piano. You will learn how to play piano without using sheet music, which is a great way to learn if you are looking for speed or if you wish to jam with friends or sing along.

Piano for Kids. This course is suitable for teaching youngsters from the age of six to learn piano using sheet music. Children of this age learn music very easily, often better than reading words. The squiggles and patterns seem to gel with them.

Piano for adults one. An entire music piano course for adults of any age and children from 10 years of age often find this course ideal. Nothing is left out. By taking this course, students will learn everything they need to. After this course, they can go onto higher-level courses.

Piano Scales. Piano scales teach extra scales that were not covered in the other courses. More scales are essential to playing any music.

This is an intermediary-level course.

Piano Chords. This is a course teaching around 85 chords. The more chords are known, the greater the style and type of music that can be played. Minor, Major, Minor, and 7th chords are covered.

This is an intermediary level course

Tips and tricks teach things that students perhaps did not fully grasp in the courses or didn’t practice enough to master them.

Membership in this site means that every class taken will include painless piano lessons for beginners.  Learn to play like thousands before you by taking lessons on this site. If you want to take lessons online then you won’t find better tuition than right here on this site.

painless piano lessons for beginners help this young girl play the piano
A chid learning piano by taking painless piano lessons for beginners.

Happy Students say



This is a very good course, and the materials are a great reference, especially for practicing offline and using the material to write down chords for songs. I have her book Play Piano with Chords, so the course goes well with it. I’m looking forward to continuing the lessons, especially since additional sessions were added so it’s even better. Jackie is an excellent and patient instructor and this comes across in the lessons. I am glad I signed up

Douglas W.
Rating: 5.0 out of 5
A wonderful course for learning chord piano that produces pleasing results quickly.Jackie’s videos make you feel like you’re getting personal,one to one instruction.if you’re a beginner this course will help you to build a solid foundation that will give you the confidence to take your new found skills even further.Highly recommended!

Absolutely brilliant course to start to play piano chords! I’ve learned so much already, and I’ve been doing the course for 6 weeks only. Thank you Jackie!

Great course going really well easy to learn never played before now I can and still learning started late in life.

Jackie teaches how to use chords to play songs and less than half way into the course you will be able to play your favorites. Practice is the keyword. Jackie also answers any questions in a timely manner. She also has handouts to print that are very helpful in her courses. You will have fun as you learn Running Board to reinforce all the chords you have been taught in this course.

Childrens Learning:

Easy to follow. Workbook really helps. Notation is simplified and not confusing.

Jackie is easy to understand.

It is straightforward and easy to follow. I like that the book is easy to procure. I think even adults who have never played piano before would do well with it as well. Teacher makes concepts easy to understand.

lovely personality and excellent teaching of Jackie

My daughter loves this course. The teacher is awesome.

One to one live lessons

Jackie pays good attention to details in term of what areas needs focus and she is very polite and she brings a lot of warmth to her method of teaching and provides timely feedback. It very easy to identify that she is a seasoned music instructor!

My child’s piano skills have improved a great deal and I have Jackie to thank for that. I’m very appreciative of your support, Jackie.

Awesome as always

Jackie is the best thing that happened to my son. he went from not playing piano to understanding and reading notes like a child who has been playing piano for years. Jackie really knows how to bring out the talent in him and my son is overjoyed and motivated in every lesson. Thank you Jacky. You simply are the best

Awesome teacher

Tutor was very good with my son, very patient and very calm

Jackie is a brilliant teacher who not only knows how to teach music but also how to keep the young ones engaged during the lesson. She is very accommodating as well in case we were unable to attend a class . Extremely happy with the service.

Outstanding experience!

Jacque made it so easy for my daughter to get into the rhythm. She is a very pleasant lady to work with.

Jackie always delivers the best lessons,and she listens what you wants. My daughter is keen to learn Fur Elise. Jackie teaches her steps by steps and she did very well. Thank you

Best teacher ever. She is an inspiring piano teacher, my son looks forward to each lesson with great enthusiasm. Within short few weeks, my son has grown to love playing the piano, all thanks to your skillful and engaging teaching. We will continue to reorder and make this a long term commitment.

Excellent patient with kids.

Jackie always delivers the best quality of the lesson. We really enjoy the lessons every single time. Thank you

My child enjoys Jackie’s lessons and I have seen a great deal of improvements in my child’s piano skills. Thank you, Jackie.

Very detailed and amazing with kids !! Ok