Why Scales Are Important In Music

Why Scales Are Important in Music Sometimes I am asked by students why they have to learn scales. They are so repetitious! Well just playing scales up and down can be tedious, however they are essential to learn. I try to ensure that the practising of scales is as interesting as possible. I have to […]

The A Minor Scale On Piano Free Video lesson

The A minor scale on piano The A minor scale on piano is a very easy scale to learn and is used in a great number of pieces of music. In this free music lesson video, you will learn how to play the complete scale of A minor. Learning scales are often seen as boring […]

Best Piano Lessons for Kids 5 years upwards

This Piano lesson The lesson above is the first lesson of Piano for kids and demonstrates the feeling of piano lessons. Not every child gets on with every teacher, and so finding out what the teacher is like first, can make a great difference in choosing which teacher your child would prefer to be taught […]

How to Play The Piano Chord A Minor

how to play the piano chord of A minor | Take Your Lesson now https://youtu.be/WCF4LJOH9Ak Minor chords form the basis of many types of music such as the blues. They provide a completely different type of feeling to the music. Major chords are usually associated with bright happy music. Add a minor chord and the […]

How You Can Learn The Piano Properly & Quickly Online With A Good Teacher

Now you can learn to play the piano or keyboard properly Imagine sitting at the piano, opening the music and effortlessly playing what you see. Usually, to do this you need to take lessons from a local piano teacher or join a local music school. This method is a perfect method, however, in the modern […]

The joy of learning to play the piano

Playing The Piano The joy of learning to play the piano is not a myth. Playing any musical instruments is a joy. The pleasure from the sound, the feel of the instrument, the mood of the music and the joy given to others around you is incomparable. The piano is a special instrument. When playing […]

How to Learn to Play The Piano With Online Lessons

No contract so you can cancel your lessons whenever you like. Pay for lessons weekly so can cancel with only one lesson outstanding. Take the lesson or a refund. Your choice. Should you not be able to take a lesson for any reason. Cancel your lesson will be available for you to reschedule at anytime […]

How You Can Learn to Play The Piano Or Keyboard

There are various methods that may suit you As with all things, how you learn to do things involves a level of choice. Learning to play the piano or keyboard is exactly the same in the beginning. the keyboard then goes off into a different world later. To start you will need to learn to […]

Make Your Own Music Method Of Relaxation Starting Today

Make your Own Music Method of Relaxation There are many ways to relax. some people find relaxation with running or cycling, some with medication or Yoga. Some use music to calm their minds and find relaxation by that means. Some take up a new hobby or learn a new skill. Many learn to play an […]

Piano Lessons Online From Now

Live Private Online Lessons Have you ever wanted to play the piano but can’t fit in with the times available for lessons or find private teachers insist on taking on students who wish to take exams. You don’t need to worry about that now. Jackie is a qualified piano teacher with over 25 years of […]