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Basic Piano Lessons for Beginners

Anyone wishing to learn to play the piano needs expert tuition.
More than expert tuition, a student needs choice. Only some students will thrive on one learning method. Some students need one way, and others need another that suits them better.
That is what you will get with this site. A straightforward membership provides expert tuition from a piano tutor who provides piano lessons for all ages and abilities. Included is every type of lesson, and the one low cost has access to every course of piano tuition.
All students have full support; when you learn to play the piano, you need the confidence that you are not alone.
To be the best pianist, you can be your goal and the best you can be. All you need to do is try out these lessons, and you will have taken your first steps, or your child will have..
Try it for 60 days, and if you think it’s not for you, have your money back with no questions asked.

Everything is included

Just chords Piano

For children and adults to learn to play the piano without using sheet music.

No music just chords

A full no music course for those wishing to be able to play quickly and sing along with the music. An excellent course to start off and learn music later if required.
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Young Children's full Music

For Children from six years to eight years

Piano lessons with music

For children between 5 and 8 years to learn the piano and music a the same time. Youngsters love learning with music as it gives them a stable base.
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Childrens Piano one

A full music course for children from eight years of age.

Full music childrens Course

Children from eight years upwards start with this course. children will learn to play the piano and learn to read music at the same time. the perfect musical start for children
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Childrens Piano Two

The continuation from children's piano one.

Continuing from children's piano one

Children can now play quite a few songs and are developing their reading skills well.
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Adult Piano One

A full music course for adults

Full music adult one

From the basics to playing songs a with full understanding of reading sheet music. Both are taught at the same time
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Adult piano two

Continuation from Adult one appears when adult one completes

Full Music Adult two

From where adult piano one finished Adult Piano Two continues taking playing prowess to higher levels with an even greater understanding of reading and enjoying playing from sheet music.
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Quick and easy piano chords

Over 80 chords to learn and understand

Over 80 chords to learn

Taking the chords already known to a greater understanding of chords. This course expands the student's knowledge of chords to over 80 chords.
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Scales Course

Music is nothing without scales. Now students can learn many more

You cannot know enough scales

Scales form the basis of music. Know enough and you're playing will be expanded into playing in many keys. With scales, you become so much better at playing the piano
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Boot Camp

This is a short course to get you going

A starter course

A few videos of the basics however this course is not required if taking any of the other courses. This course forms part of the free section of the site.
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Future Courses

Courses in the future will also be included

What courses will come

Future courses will always be included in the one standard membership. Some courses will be follow-on courses to take students to more advanced levels. Others may specialize in styles or types of music.
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