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I Will Teach Children to Play Piano on Zoom

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I will teach children to play the piano on Zoom or Google Meet. My high-quality Zoom piano lessons make it seem as if I am in the room with students. I am digital and can see and hear everything being played. I can demonstrate and play along with the students.

A private lesson with a local piano teacher for a student will always be the best method for anyone of any age to learn to play the piano. In today’s world, this is not possible for everyone, especially adults. This is where this website excels because lessons can be taken 24 hours a day. Lessons can be repeated, and as long as the lessons are excellent, a good outcome should be the result. I always follow a textbook (Either my own or from an internationally reputable brand.) to ensure consistency and quality.

Piano classes on Zoom alternative.

With many years of experience in teaching piano in my studio or a student’s home, I offer an alternative to becoming a member of this site or taking one-to-one lessons in a piano teacher’s studio. 

The alternative is to provide classes in your home via Zoom or Google Meet. Recently, Zoom has been having problems with piano sounds. Their help in finding a solution has helped some students but not all. For the foreseeable future, I am using Google Meet. The sound problem doesn’t seem to be a problem with Google Meet.

The lessons are exactly the same as if I were in a student’s home. I can see them and then me. That way, I can demonstrate things, and the students can see everything I do. This method works well. I have many students learning this way and are doing as well as students in my studio.


Equipment required

The answer to this is not a lot. All that is required is a laptop, tablet, or mobile phone. Some students use several mobile phones to show their hands and faces.
Most students use a laptop. Most microphones in devices are adequate. A separate microphone might be needed if the device is some distance away, but few use this option.
Little else is required except for supporting the device where the student can see and hear it.

Of course an internet connection is required and that’s all.

How piano lessons on zoom work

Lessons are arranged in advance. Usually, a fixed time each week, although this is flexible to a degree.

The student logs on, and I should be there waiting. Usually, I am teaching and finishing a lesson to change over to the next lesson.

Lessons follow a text book the same as if I gave lessons in the home or studio. The high-quality piano lessons are to exam standard, and should they wish, I can get them to a standard to take ABRSM exams. This is not compulsory, and few students bother with exams.
At the end of the lesson, I inform the student what to practice and follow up with lesson and practice notes for the student to follow between lessons. Parents usually print these or the student can read them on their device.

Requirements for lesson equipment are minimal. Check them out here

Delivery through Fiverr

My piano lessons on Zoom are delivered using Fiverr, as I find it convenient for managing all classes and providing security for parents, both for child and financial security.

To check if high-quality Zoom piano classes would suit your child, go to online live lessons children

To check if high-quality Zoom adult piano classes would suit you as an adult (12 years onwards), go to online live lessons adults

Alternatively, to take High-Quality piano classes on this site, go to site Membership Options

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