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My first Love

My first love was swimming, not piano. I enjoyed the piano, but swimming was exciting, and I was fast in the water.

A broken back said goodbye to swimming competitively, and my Olympic Games training finished.

Probably now, I could have carried on, but in those dark days, I was told to lie in bed for two years and forget swimming

My Story

I learned to play piano starting when I was eight years old. I learned properly with music from the very start. I wasn’t old enough to be frightened of the lines and dots on the pages. I just followed them, and in no time at all, they were easier than reading words.

There are only twelve notes and a few squiggles in Italian to understand. Progress came easily, and in no time, I started to pass exams in piano playing.

I am not happy playing in public; I never have been. So I don’t. I began teaching piano early on and have continued for over 25 years. I suppose that makes me an experienced teacher. Inspectors from the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of London ABRSM came to assess my teaching, and because I was a nervous student, they were made to stand outside to assess me.
Nevertheless, they were satisfied. I don’t think they do that sort of thing now; it is more an examination-style assessment.

Why I teach traditional lessons

I have taught the piano for a very long time and coached hundreds of students through there exams so I know what works and what doesn’t.

By teaching properly with nothing missed out students cannot go wrong. There is little to gain by being able to play many songs in a key, and when someone asked for it to be played in a differnet key, not being able to do it because that wasn’t taught to them.

I appreciate many teachers teach simplified ways to speed up the learning process but it misses things out that are essential to learn if a student is going to be a confident pianist.

My students have fun learning piano and so do I when teaching live or when creating courses for this site. In fact my site lessons are as identical to live lessons as I can make them.

I don’t believe that students should be left on their own when taking site lessons. All of my site courses are fully supported by me. Any problems or something not understood then I am here to help.

Learning to play the piano properly can be quicker than taking short cuts. Things learned badly can slow down future advancement.

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