This is a video lesson on how to play the scale of A minor on piano.

Scales are important to learn as without knowing a few scales it is difficult to change the key of any music.

The Scale Of A Minor - Video Lesson

The Minor Scales

Minor scales are used in many types of music. None more so than in the playing of the blues.

There are three types of minor scales although they are really variations of one scale.

  1. Natural Minor Scale
  2. Melodic Minor Scale
  3. Harmonic Minor Scale

This video lesson is of the harmonic scale

Other Scale Lessons

This particular video of a minor scale is part of my scales course contained within this website.

Many types of piano courses are found there so that the environment is one of constant learning and moves from learning to play in the beginning to more advanced playing. 

Advanced playing includes learning a vast amount of chords and scales.

 Essentially a one-stop shop of piano lessons from first steps to being able to play any type of music.

Everything is included that is needed to become a pianist.

Do I Need Scales?

Most definitely you do need scales. There are many who would argue that no you don’t need scales.

Many self-taught guitarists claim that they don’t know scales, never have, and don’t need them. Of course every time they play in a different key they are using a different scale.

Knowingly or not they are using a different scale.

This brings us to why scales are needed.

You are jamming with friends or someone at home wishes to sing to your playing. You need to play in a different key.

This is easy when you know scales. you know which notes should be flat. Which notes should be sharp and which notes are not. It is easy to play in another key.

Now, if you don’t know your scales and you learned a song in the key of C Major. How can you play in D Major if you don’t know the notes involved?

With scales life is easy. You do not need to know them all. Learning a scale a week will soon get you up to speed as to the most regular scales you are likely to use.

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