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The Piano Chord Ab minor 7

In this free piano lesson, I teach the chord of Ab minor 7 on the piano or keyboard, they are the same.

I teach the notes, correct fingering, and how to play the chord of Ab minor 7. 7th chords sound really great they have a gorgeous rounded smooth sound.

My Chords Course

On my website, I have two levels of membership. FREE and PAID. The free section contains a beginner’s piano course and helpful video lessons.

This lesson is from my chords course, which has over 85 different chords for you to use as a reference when you need them or to learn and play them naturally in your chosen music. The full chords course is within the paid section.

Of course, you don’t need to learn them all. It would be great to do that, but some, depending on the type of music you play, may never be used by you.

Learning the most common types and others as and when you need them may be the best way to progress your chord learning.

Why Chords Are Learned

When reading music the notes of the chords are written for you. However, it is much easier to recognize the notes as a chord you know. This makes playing easier and more fluid.

Playing by ear chords need to be known or they cannot be played. When playing and singing it is generally chords that are played. So, learning a wide range of chords is essential if playing in different keys with friends.

They are not hard to remember as generally, they are three notes (Triads) or Four notes (7ths) so learning them is fast. With practice moving from chord to chord becomes second nature.

Jackie Clark is an experienced piano teacher with over 25 years of teaching the piano. You can find out more about Jackie here

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