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Ab7 Piano Chord Lesson

This Ab7 piano chord lesson ensures that you are able to understand the chord, use correct fingering, and know the notes to be played.

Knowing chords is one of the essential aspects of playing the piano. There are a great many chords to learn and the best way to learn them is by taking proper lessons.

Trying to look at a book and copying them is OK but are you using the best fingering for the chord. One of the problems with incorrect fingering is that students run out of fingers when playing. This has the effect of their playing being jerky and not smooth at all.

I teach all my students the correct use of fingers and how to play variations on standard fingering where necessary.

This piano lesson is from my chords course which is part of my membership on this site. The complete course teaches 85 of the most useful chords and a free self-print or for use on your device piano chord book is included. Imagine always having a chord book with you on your phone to check anytime you need it.

Types of Piano Lessons

The piano lesson in this post is typical of my teaching of chords for piano. 

This post is one of a series of posts to teach students of the piano how to play a range of piano chords and scales. It also demonstrates the type of teaching I do in my piano lessons.

The last thing I want is for students to join my piano teaching site and find out that they don’t like how I teach. That would waste a student’s time. Even my 60-day money-back guarantee can make up for the wasted time.

So look through my lessons, and make a reasoned choice before joining us on the journey to being a brilliant piano teacher.

Incidentally, the lesson here is from a none reading music course. I also teach chords using music in other courses inside. You can choose which to take or all of them. Membership includes everything.

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