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A Major Chord Piano Basics

A Major Chord Basics

For many, the idea of music is terrifying. It is not surprising that so many describe it. The chord of A Major is simply three notes played together. If you play the video below, you can see how easy it is to play. After watching the video, could you read the text below it? I got this text from asking an AI generator to tell me about the chord of A Major. 

Now, if I explained the chord using this method (many students would read this type of description from books or tuition sites.) No one would understand anything about the chord other than that they know it is complicated and impossible to remember.

Here is the A Major Chord Video

A MajorChord Piano notes A. C#. E.

A Major chord piano image of the notes

Here is the text for A Major Chord piano


The A Major chord is a fundamental building block in music, especially on the piano. Here’s what I know about it:

What it is:

  • An A Major chord is a type of triad, meaning it’s formed by three notes.
  • Precisely, it consists of the root note (A), a major third (C sharp), and a perfect fifth (E).

How to find it on the piano:

Locate the group of three black keys on the piano. The A Major chord is played with the white key between the middle and rightmost black key (A), the black key to its right (C sharp), and the white key two keys to the right of the A (E). Here’s a visual representation to help you: Why it’s important:

  • A Major is a familiar chord found in countless pieces of music across various genres.
  • Understanding this chord is essential for beginners as it forms the foundation for many other chords.
  • It creates a bright, happy sound and is frequently used in primary keys to establish the tonal center.

Where it comes from:

The A major chord has its roots in the A Major scale. This scale defines the notes that harmonize well together, and chords are constructed based on specific intervals within the scale. You can find many resources online if you’d like to learn more about playing the A Major chord on the piano. 

End of AI

The text is correct, but it may have convinced you that learning piano is too complicated. Go by the video. If you would like to be more confused, check this info from Wikipedia. The provides a much simpler method for you to understand. When looking for piano lessons, Always check the lessons to ensure they are not done more to show the teacher’s knowledge and less about the student’s advancement. Now you know what to look for and avoid, choose wisely.

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