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Many Posts Missing on this Site

Why so many posts are missing

The reason is simple—a lightning strike.

An exceptionally close lightning strike destroyed my computer, lightning protection, modem, and network backup. By the time I had everything up and working again, my offsite backup had begun deleting files. 

When I connected to my web server, many files were corrupted, and the site was a complete disaster. I have not found out why that occurred.

After a couple of days of failing to recover from that, a new website was called for and was built. Unfortunately, the posts were lost.


Instead of the posts use the free course Instead

You can join the free area and take the BootCamp course if you wish. That will start you on your journey to becoming a pianist.

The information is 100% video, so it is more detailed. The tips and tricks section will soon complete the range of free courses.

Or, you can become a full member and learn to play the piano, with everything you need to become a brilliant pianist included.

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