Do not Make These Mistakes


Free piano lessons so you don’t make rookie mistakes.

Learning to play the piano is easy but unless you are very careful it is easy to begin learning to play the piano badly and make mistakes that take a lot of relearning.
I don’t want you to use the wrong fingers and run out of notes, not know which notes are where and not to be able to smoothly move from note to note.

Start off properly and you will find learning to play the piano a much more pleasant and easier experience.

Learning To Play The Piano Is Easy

Learning to play the piano is made a lot easier if you take my free Bootcamp Course to get you on the right track

No matter the type of music you wish to play.

You have to learn the content of this course first.

Included are regular exercises to increase finger strength and dexterity.

No Tricks just proper piano lessons.

Take the course as often as you like. You will not regret taking this course in the long run.

Jackie Clark teaching the chord of Ab minor 7

My goal is to teach students to learn to play the piano. A full understanding of what they are doing is essential. Skills in playing will develop at the same time as understanding.

Some of My Students Remarked:

A wonderful course for learning chord piano that produces pleasing results quickly. Jackie's videos make you feel like you're getting personal,one to one instruction. if you're a beginner this course will help you to build a solid foundation that will give you the confidence to take your new found skills even further.Highly recommended!
D Warren
Great course going really well easy to learn never played before now I can and still learning started late in life
JP Goodey
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