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Student Requirements for Live Online Lessons

Student Requirements for Live Online Lessons


Student requirements for live online lessons should not put off any student or parent. Most, if not all, of the necessary items are already available in most homes as they are things we use every day such as a laptop or a mobile phone.. Let’s take a closer look at what is required.


Piano or Keyboard for live lessons

Firstly, a piano or electronic keyboard is needed. The keyboard should have a minimum of 61 or 62 keys, but the more, the better. If you already have a keyboard, buying an expensive one is unnecessary as the student may not enjoy piano lessons. It’s best to start with what you have first.

A simple pen and paper

A pad and paper for note-taking are helpful. An internet connection is also required, as well as a laptop computer, a desktop computer, a tablet computer, a mobile phone, or maybe two plus something to hold the mobile phone in place. Students can use only a mobile phone and do well, but the larger the screen, the better. The device’s camera must be positioned so the student’s face and hands on the keyboard are visible. Multiple devices can be used at the same time if necessary.

Microphone for online lessons

Usually, devices’ built-in microphones are more than sufficient. However, a separate microphone may be required if the device is far away. Only one of my students has used a separate microphone so far.

Camera for live online lessons

The cameras in all devices are more than adequate for lessons.

Desk with computer devices suitable for taking lessons and are part of the requirements for taking live online lessons

Lighting for lessons


Room lighting is usually sufficient, or normal window light is even better if lessons are in the daytime.

Software needed for online lessons

No software is required. Lessons are delivered via Google Meet, which is free to use. I will send a link to click, and we will be in the room together in a few moments. Zoom was used previously, but Zoom has a problem with sound when pianos are involved. Zoom is aware of the issue and is working on a solution.

Minimal requirements

As can be seen, the student requirements for live online lessons are minimal. Everything needed is usually found in most homes.

Online live lessons are fun and exciting, especially for children who love learning. 

The requirements for lessons in the membership part of this site are essentially the same; however, the camera and microphone are not required, nor is there any form of lighting. Many students have learned with their mobile phones in front of them.

No one should feel online is daunting. It is not easy to set up and is in your own home. The weather is immaterial in the warmth of your own home..

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