Student Requirements For Live Online Lessons

In order to take online lessons students will need the following.

Free Lesson

  • A laptop Tablet or Desktop Computer that can use zoom and has a camera or a separate camera.
  • A phone could be used but is not ideal
  • An email address if the students decides to continue with lessons


Before taking lessons a few things need to be put in place

  • A suitable computer, laptop or tablet that can use Zoom and has a camera.
  • A keyboard or piano
  • A microphone or one built into the computer.
  • A phone could be used but it is inadvisable due to its small screen size.
  • A pencil
  • A book that was advised to you during your free lesson and in the email you received afterwards.
  • Do not join and pay until you have everything in place and have agreed to the first lesson time and date with Jackie.


  • Lessons are delivered using Zoom through a link you will be given before each lesson.
  • The lessons will feature Jackie facing you with a view of her face and the keyboard’s keys.
  • If possible, your camera should be set up to provide a similar view, to Jackie’s view. If you cannot achieve this view then just the keys will be sufficient. Two cameras can be set up by using OBS to feed into zoom. However, the more complicated your setup is. It can distract from learning the piano. The less tech the more relaxed the lesson will be.

This is the ideal view for a students camera with a  Keyboard.

piano lessons

For a piano, this view is not possible. A high side position showing you and the piano keys is the best position. 

The microphone position may need to be tested in a few places to achieve the best pick up position.