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Children’s Piano Lesson Number Four

Children’s Piano Lesson Number Four This children’s piano lesson is taken from the young children’s piano course within the membership and is for very young children to begin learning to play the piano. Children from five years take this course and then proceed to the next children’s piano course. The next course is started by […]

Piano Lessons For Children

Piano Lessons For Children An introduction to parents on how I teach very young children to play the piano with fun interesting lessons aimed specifically at young children. Piano Lessons For Children From Five Years Old Children from five years of age learn to play the piano very well. they enjoy fun happy lessons and […]

Piano Lessons For Beginners Online

Piano Lessons for Beginners Online Learn To Play The Piano Online Lessons Do they work? For over 30 years I have taught the piano to thousands of students, young and old. I continue to teach students both with one to one lessons and by the use of pre-recorded courses. all of these I do online […]

The joy of learning the piano

The joy Of Learning The Piano Joy comes in many shapes and sizes. By just being able to play the piano a feeling of happiness cannot be hidden. Expressing yourself through music or lifting your spirits are just a few moments that can bring joy. Being able to play for friends and family can also […]