Piano Lessons Fiverr Availability

Piano lessons on Fiverr allow as much flexibility as possible for students. Not everyone wants a regular payment, being taken automatically. Many people prefer to pay when they want to pay personally. Fiverr.com has been added to the ways students can pay for lessons. Which allows for payments to be made as required.

Packages on Fiverr

The method utilised on fiverr.com is to provide three packages. A one month access is the basic package, the next package is access for three months and the other is for six months at a discount

this means that buying through Fiverr is slightly cheaper.


Regardless of how you buy a membership. What you get is exactly the same.

  • Lessons are the same
  • Videos are the same
  • Access to new lessons are the same
  • Support is the same

The only difference is that direct purchase is continuous membership until you cancel. Fiverr requires a new purchase when the package purchased runs out.

Fiverr Packages

Click on the button below to find out about the packages for your piano lessons.

Piano lessons fiverr jackie clark

When you take lessons this is how you will see me. I will speak to you and when I play for you, you will be able to copy exactly what my hands are playing. 

When necessary a third camera will show the music you are following. (assuming you are taking a music course)

For none music courses the view is slightly different in how the keys of the keyboard are viewed


Fiverr is less

Fiverr packages are slightly cheaper than direct membership of the site. This reflects that with direct membership purchase a 60-day money-back guarantee exists. With the fiver option, this is not available. I would recommend that the one month option should be taken first.

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