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Piano Lessons Fiverr Availability

Fiverr’s payments for piano lessons offer maximum flexibility to students. While some prefer automatic payments on a regular schedule, others may prefer the option to pay personally whenever they choose. now provides an additional payment method for piano lessons, allowing students to make payments as needed.

Packages on Fiverr

On, three packages are offered to users. The basic package provides one month of access, followed by a three-month package and a six-month package, which is discounted. Therefore, purchasing through Fiverr may be slightly more cost-effective.


No matter how you purchase a membership, you will receive the same benefits, including:

  • Consistent lessons
  • Identical videos
  • Equal access to new lessons and support.

The only distinction lies in the membership duration: with direct purchases, you have continuous membership until you cancel or twelve months have passed, whereas, with Fiverr, you need to make a new purchase once your package runs out after six months

Fiverr Packages

Click on the button below to find out about the packages for your piano lessons.

Piano lessons fiverr jackie clark

This is what you can expect during your lessons with me. I will communicate with you while demonstrating how to play the piano. You can watch my hands and try to replicate my movements. In some cases, a third camera may display the music you’re learning. However, for non-music courses, the focus will be on a slightly different view that highlights the keys on the keyboard.


Fiverr is less

Fiverr packages are slightly cheaper than direct membership of the site. This reflects that with direct membership purchase a 60-day money-back guarantee exists. With the fiver option, this is not available. I would recommend that the one month option should be taken first.

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