Only Two Rates Cover Everything

Private Lessons

1 Single Lesson / Week
20 One lesson per week
  • Auto Payment Weekly
  • Cancel Instantly
  • No Contract
2 Private Lessons / Week
40 Two lessons per week
  • Auto Payment Weekly
  • Cancel Instantly
  • No Contract

Contact Jackie before purchase and arrange a free lesson. There is a link at the bottom of the page.

Single Lesson / week

Two lessons per week



This depends on what a students requirements are. To take exams then one to one lessons are essential. To just play popular songs without reading music then a none exam course may be sufficient. one to one lessons can be taken without taking exams.

Not always. There are only so many hours in a day that can be used for teaching. From time to time the maximum number of students is reached and access to lessons has to be after a student drops out.

Payment is by PayPal who manage cancellations and ongoing changes. It is not necessary to have a PayPal account. Payment can be made through PayPal with most major credit cards.

We do not hold any financial data on you. Any information regarding payments is solely held by PayPal who notify us of your email address and name you provide and that you have paid.


When you click the pay button you are transfered to the PayPal website where you register and complete payment.

After registration you will receive an email with details to geister on the website whch gives you access to the secure area of the site.

The secure are contains access to the payment cancellation button and also buttons to change from one lesson a week to two lessons a week. If you are already on two lessons a week you will see a button to change to a single lesson a week. For most people a single lesson a week is sufficient. 

No unless you wish to change your payment method, cancel or change the frequency of lessons there is no need to login regularly. If anything is put onto the site extra Jackie will inform you during a lesson or by email.

Before & After Class

Check that all of your equipment is working properly. Time wasted setting up during a lesson reduces lesson time and slows down progress.

A practice schedule is given after every class to be followed before the next lesson. Homework may also be requested which should be emailed to Jackie prior to the next scheduled lesson. Preferably 48 hours in advance if possible.

Refund & Cancellations

As payment is made before your lesson there is usually no need for refunds. The lesson is taken prior to the next payment seven days later.

Should it not be possible to take a lesson in that week, best efforts will be used to fit in your lesson before the next payment. Should it not be possible to re-schedule  the lesson during that seven days paid for, then a refund for the missed lesson will be given during the first few days of the next week.

Cancellations of future lessons are instant, should you wish to cancel all future lessons. If you have paid for and not taken your lesson  on the arranged date and time, your lesson is still available to you. Just contact us and re-schedule later that week. Any lessons not taken prior to the end of that week will be refunded during the next week. Essentially every lesson paid for will either be taken during the following seven days or refunded in the next week. You will never be out of pocket.

For special circumstances contact us by using the contact page.

We all have to cancel sometimes. If you can please contact by email 48 hours in advance but if you can’t don’t worry your lesson will be slotted in somewhere to suit your schedule.

This could be for many reasons including technical failures. Just send an email to rebook your lesson.

This could be for many reasons including technical failures. Just send an email to rebook your lesson.

Regularly not turning up for lessons may mean a lack of interest, poor technical performance of equipment can all be reasons. In such circumstances it seems a wast of money to continue. Consideration should be given to cancelling and returning when issues have been  rectified.

Free Trial Classes

Not sure if we are a good match for you or which style you want to learn? Free trial classes are available and may be taken once per style. For more information get in touch