Private Piano Lessons


You can take private one to one Piano lessons without me coming to your home or you visiting me.

Why take private lessons

Without doubt the finest piano lessons are private lessons. Every problem can be sorted out as they occur. Even with my superb support pre recorded lessons will not be as interactive as private lessons.

If you can the give time for lessons, take lessons at the same time each week and can afford them. Private lessons are the way forward.

Before You Start

Before you start we need to speak to each other and carry out an initial lesson to assess which inexpensive text book you will need for ongoing lessons. This will give you the opportunity to assess if my style of teaching is suitable for you, and for me to assess your level and how I can teach you. We can also discuss your requirements.

This is not a high-pressure sales meeting. I don’t need reluctant students any more than you want to feel forced into something you are not happy with.

You do not need to make up your mind when you take your lesson. You can if you wish but, normally I would expect you to have a think about it. If you do wish to continue with lessons then contact me to arrange your first lesson then when that is done visit the payment page to arrange your payments. Your lessons can begin and you are on your way to being a pianist.

Please always choose the basic lesson FIRST!

Contact me via here or via Fiverr before booking so that we can sort out lesson times and days before spending any money. I take students seven days a week but sometimes students time zones are too far out from mine to make private lessons possible. In such cases site membership is the next best option.

How Does It Work

With my private one-to-one piano lessons, you will be taught to play the piano with two hands in the traditional way, by following the same curriculum that you would follow if you came to me or I came to you at your home to teach you to play the piano.

Each lesson is carried out using Zoom. With me in my studio and you the student at home sitting at your keyboard or piano.

You can use a computer, tablet or mobile phone (or multiple devices should you wish.) arranged so that they can see me and I can see the keyboard as it is being played. Of course, a microphone will be needed too.

An internet connection is required as is a textbook. The textbook with a link to Amazon together with the ISBN of the book will be provided to you after the first introductory lesson, in case you wish to get the book from your local music shop or bookseller


Adult Lessons


Childrens Lessons


I use fiverr to deliver this service

Fiverr provides payment protection for customers and a convenient platform for delivery of lesson notes plus communication if problems arrise with your or my connections. 

We are dealing with the internet. If my internet or yours goes down we can use Fiverr to communicate with each other. There is nothing worse than wondering if you or I will be turning up. Fiverr is always on when I give private lessons for that purpose.