Is Music Theory Important for Piano

is music theory important for piano Is music theory important for piano or a detour or a shortcut to piano mastery? Unlike some subjects, musical theory is a set of tools that empowers you to understand music, not just play it. Don’t worry; theory isn’t memorizing mountains of facts. It starts with the basics – […]

Unveiling the Harmony: Are Piano Lessons Worth It?

Are Piano lessons worth it? Are piano lessons worth it? For centuries, the piano has been enchanting people with its lyrical charm and timeless appeal. Playing the piano has been considered an art form and a skill that requires discipline, practice, and guidance from a skilled teacher. With the advancements in technology, the landscape of […]

Piano Classes for Beginners With Music

Piano Classes for Beginners With Music. Is learning to play piano with music the best way to learn to play the piano?  Would it be better to play by ear with all the free expression allowed by playing by ear? The short answer is that if a student learns by ear, they cannot play by […]