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Piano Classes for Beginners With Music

piano classes for beginners with music

Piano Classes for Beginners With Music. Is learning to play piano with music the best way to learn to play the piano? 

Would it be better to play by ear with all the free expression allowed by playing by ear?

The short answer is that if a student learns by ear, they cannot play by music as they didn’t learn how to read music. Had they learned by music, a student could play using music and by ear.

Is this true

Yes and no. Learning by ear can be quicker for playing songs, but it limits playing to how many songs have been learned. Also, it will have been learned in one key, and unless more formal lessons have been taken to understand scales and transposition, it will be difficult to change to a different key to play with others who have used an alternative key.

For many who want to play a few chords and sing along, then, this is all they need or want. In fact, recognizing This site has a course that teaches piano using just chords, but it also covers correct fingering, scales, chords, and how to play correctly.

Is With music best?

For me, I think it is. For children, it is the only way to learn. Why miss out on what is needed to play well and maybe make a career out of playing piano or keyboard?

Learning to read music is like learning a new language but much easier. There are twelve notes arranged in sets along the keyboard. That’s all; there are twelve of them.

Simple songs can be learned and played once they have been learned and understood. With time, more and more is learned, and even after forty years of playing, there is still more to learn and enjoy as playing becomes more advanced.

My take on with music or not

My take on this is from experience I have found that learning piano with music does not prevent free expression later on when playing by ear. I have found the opposite; understanding what is being played allows for a lot of free expression.

Compare someone who has only played Baseball and joins a soccer club to play for. Yes, they can kick a ball and know the ball has to go in the net. Is that good enough to play soccer well?

It is free will how someone chooses to learn piano playing. Some want one method others another. That is why I provide both types of learning and include them all with membership. Start without music and change to music; easy just choose another course and learn with music.

We are all different and want different things. If you are interested check out how you can learn to play piano with or without music.

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