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Learn How To Play Piano Online – Adults

Learn How to Play Piano Online How Do You Learn Piano Online There has always been a number of methods used to learn to play the piano. Lessons at school A private teacher Someone you  know who can play the piano Online Trial and error The best way is with a private tutor, nothing beats […]

How To Play The A Minor Chord On Piano

Play The A Minor Chord On The Piano, Lesson Relative Minor The relative minor of the scale of C is A minor, which makes this chord lesson particularly important for a pianist to learn to play. By learning as many chords as possible your ability to play a wider range of songs increases chord by […]

A Major Piano Chord – How to Play

How To Play The Piano Chord A Major A Major Piano Chord Lesson In this piano lesson, I teach the chord of A major. I have taken this lesson from my piano chords course within the membership area of the site. This is exactly the same on keyboards and forms part of keyboard basic chords. […]

Ab7 Piano Chord Lesson

Ab7 Piano Chord Lesson This Ab7 piano chord lesson ensures that you are able to understand the chord, use correct fingering, and know the notes to be played. Knowing chords is one of the essential aspects of playing the piano. There are a great many chords to learn and the best way to learn them […]

Ab Minor Chord Lesson On The Piano

Ab minor Chord Lesson On The Piano In this Ab minor chord lesson taught by me, Jackie Clark. I teach the notes, the correct fingers to use, and how it plays and sounds. The video is part of my chords course in the membership section of the site. Chords form a very important part of […]

The Piano Chord Ab minor 7

The Piano Chord Ab minor 7 In this free piano lesson, I teach the chord of Ab minor 7 on the piano or keyboard, they are the same. I teach the notes, correct fingering, and how to play the chord of Ab minor 7. 7th chords sound really great they have a gorgeous rounded […]

How To Play The Scale Of A Major

The Scale Of A Major How To Play It The Scale Of A Major On The Piano Major scales form the basis of the majority of music compositions. This is why it is so important to learn all of the major scales. all scales are important but the major scales need to be the first […]

How To Play The Scale Of A Minor On Piano

This is a video lesson on how to play the scale of A minor on piano. Scales are important to learn as without knowing a few scales it is difficult to change the key of any music. The Scale Of A Minor – Video Lesson The Minor Scales Minor scales are used in many types […]

Children’s Piano Lesson Number Four

Children’s Piano Lesson Number Four This children’s piano lesson is taken from the young children’s piano course within the membership and is for very young children to begin learning to play the piano. Children from five years take this course and then proceed to the next children’s piano course. The next course is started by […]

Piano Lessons For Children

Piano Lessons For Children An introduction to parents on how I teach very young children to play the piano with fun interesting lessons aimed specifically at young children. Piano Lessons For Children From Five Years Old Children from five years of age learn to play the piano very well. they enjoy fun happy lessons and […]