Make Your Own Music Method Of Relaxation Starting Today

Make your Own Music Method of Relaxation There are many ways to relax. some people find relaxation with running or cycling, some with medication or Yoga. Some use music to calm their minds and find relaxation by that means. Some take up a new hobby or learn a new skill. Many learn to play an […]

Piano Lessons Online From Now

Live Private Online Lessons Have you ever wanted to play the piano but can’t fit in with the times available for lessons or find private teachers insist on taking on students who wish to take exams. You don’t need to worry about that now. Jackie is a qualified piano teacher with over 25 years of […]

How To Learn To Play Piano with No Music

How to learn to play the piano without reading music is a strange thing to say. We have all seen piansts reading the music and playing the notes. This is a great way to learn to play the piano. If you want to play in an orchestra or a recording studio it is probably the […]

How To Not Catch Notes On Piano

When playing the piano or keyboard it is easy to catch adjacent notes. This is especially true when playing fast or chords. Some chords are a real stretch. In this video Jackie teaches you why you catch other notes and how easy it is to cure once you know why you do it. If you […]

Jackie Clark Music Lessons Change

Jackie Clark Music has changed its lesson availability to  off-site.  The Change! From the middle of October 2021 all lessons and complete courses will be provided direct from this site. Membership of the site will provide access to all of my courses to teach beginners, intermediate and advanced level piano.   LATEST NEWS We […]