Music Lessons

Jackie Clark Music has changed its lesson availability to on-site lessons. 

The Change!

From the middle of October 2021, all lessons and complete courses will be provided directly from this site. Membership of the site will provide access to all of my courses to teach beginners, intermediate and advanced level piano.

This means I can support you better and provide a wider range of lesson types. I can also provide better support for any problems with your playing you may have.



CourseMarks have awarded one of my courses with a score of 9.5 placing the course in the top 3% of all courses that they have evaluated. You can find out more here.
I now offer online virtual one-to-one lessons. I am virtually in the same room as you on your screen. This is an experience as near to me actually being in the room. Your playing can be seen and heard and you are live with me so questions and advice are available immediately. The lessons are your lessons. Private lessons but with me on the screen instead of standing by you. Check the announcement for more details.

Proper Music Lessons

Proper music lessons for me mean piano lessons with nothing missed. Not scales, not chords, and certainly not music. This does not mean I never teach without music. I have one course that uses the correct music terminology but does not require the reading of music. Some folks do not wish to learn music or do but want to play much quicker. That course is for them. Hopefully, once they are able to play their favourite songs they will begin to learn to play the piano by reading music.

Music is really easy to learn, basically, it is a set of simple instructions and which notes to play, when and how long for.

Learning with music is slower at first as the basics have to be learned. Once those have been learned your abilities will race ahead. At 6 months the music students are behind the none music students. At 12 months the music student is massively ahead of the none music student.

Effectively both methods will bring the same results at around nine months and then the music student goes in front. However, the none music student may not wish to go further and may be very happy with just being able to play their favorite songs. That’s fine with me.