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Ab minor Chord Lesson On The Piano

In this Ab minor chord lesson taught by me, Jackie Clark. I teach the notes, the correct fingers to use, and how it plays and sounds. The video is part of my chords course in the membership section of the site.

Chords form a very important part of playing music. They add depth to music when used as bass cords and singing are essential.

Imagine being asked to accompany someone who wants to sing. Unless you know a lot of chords it is difficult to change from the key you might usually play a piece of music in. When you know a lot of chords changing the key is not a problem. 

With a guitar, it is easy to change to any key. Stick a capo on the neck and play the chord shapes usually used. With the piano, you have to know a lot of chords.

The Piano As An Orchestra

The piano is often described as an orchestra in itself. By playing the melody with the right hand and the bass notes in the left hand the sound is amazing.

Using chords in the left-hand fills the room with sound. chords can be played alone or in addition to notes in the right hand. 

The way chords can be used with both hands can create feelings and sounds in music that are unimaginable with any other type of instrument. 

Do You Know Your Notes & Finger Numbers?

If you don’t know your notes and finger numbers my lessons might confuse you.

My free Bootcamp course will teach you all the basics so any lessons you take with any qualified piano teacher will be understandable to you.

It costs you nothing and I know it will help you a lot with your playing of the piano or keyboard.

On the subject of keyboards. The keyboard of both the piano and the keyboard are identical with their notes and chords. Learn either and you can play either. the difference is that the keyboard has many voices so it doesn’t always sound like a piano and it has a great many background sounds. When you start you have to learn the notes just the same as with a piano.

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