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Play The A Minor Chord On The Piano, Lesson

Relative Minor

The relative minor of the scale of C is A minor, which makes this chord lesson particularly important for a pianist to learn to play.

By learning as many chords as possible your ability to play a wider range of songs increases chord by song.

Free Piano Lesson

This free piano lesson is not a shortened version of a real lesson. This is the real A minor chord lesson from my Chords course in membership of this site.

By following these series of lessons your knowledge of chords will definitely increase your playing abilities.

The course comes with a chords book but is not needed for taking the lessons. The free chords book is for student references later.

Difficulties - Play The A Minor Chord

The chord of A minor is not a difficult piano chord to play. It does not represent any large stretches. You should find this chord fairly simple to play and remember.

Do practice changing between this chord and others. Especially practice-changing between C F G and A minor in all directions and between all three of the other chords.

Many songs use C F & G major and often use A minor as well so it is good to be able to play with all of them.

these chords and their counterparts in the other keys are often used in the 12 bar blues arrangements. They are not always played in the same order. That is why I suggest that you practice playing changing from all three of three chords and A minor as you will need to, depending on the order the other chords are played in to suit the song.

Now learn to play the chord of A Major 


You should not have any problems with this chord. If you do, then contact me to see how I can help you learn to play this chord.

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