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Learn How to Play Piano Online

learn to play piano online

How Do You Learn Piano Online

There has always been a number of methods used to learn to play the piano.

  1. Lessons at school
  2. A private teacher
  3. Someone you  know who can play the piano
  4. Online
  5. Trial and error

The best way is with a private tutor, nothing beats the personal tuition that comes from a private tutor.

Lessons at school can be good however they are limited with time available.

Online lessons believe it or not have been used for a great many years. These have the advantage that they can be taken at any time and can be repeated as many times as needed.

Some online sites also offer private one to one lessons using Zoom. This is almost as good as a private tutor is in the same room as you, just on-screen instead of sitting in the room.

Someone you know who can play will help but these lessons are limited to the level that the person has achieved and may not have the skills of a trained piano teacher.

Trial and error can be brilliant, only last year I met a guy who played at home for me. He played all sorts of music and really enjoyed it. He claimed to be completely self-taught, he was truly amazing to listen to. Unfortunately, very few people have that ability. If you do, then enjoy your life as a pianist.

How Do Online Lessons Work?

Online lessons are very similar to private lessons.

The student sits at the piano with a screen in front of them. The screen can be a computer, a mobile phone, a tablet, or even a TV if you can cast the lessons to the TV screen.

Classes are arranged in short videos and should start with explaining how the lessons work.

The first actual lesson will teach you how to sit, what the notes are called, finger numbers, and other simple but essential items of information that are so important to a beginning student.

Lessons then go on to simple elementary music and how it relates to the piano notes.

As your lessons progress and your abilities increase, the music will become more advanced as you play simple songs.

Repeating a lesson helps tremendously to overcome anything you cannot fully understand. Good teachers will provide excellent support where you can contact them and discuss your problems. Some good teachers will even do a short Zoom call with you to hear you playing and sort out your problems

What Happens later?

Once a student completes a course of piano lessons, the question is, what do you do next?

The best sites will continue to provide more advanced classes to take you as far as possible with your learning to play the piano. For this reason, a membership site offers the opportunity to do just that. As your classes come to a continuation end, a new course should always be available to you at a more advanced level. 

Membership also offers the opportunity to discuss problems generally with other students taking the same classes as you are.

With modern-day working patterns, taking online piano lessons available 24 hours a day is the most logical way to learn to play piano.

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