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Free Piano Lessons for Beginners to Start Learning.

Free Piano lessons

Free piano lessons for beginners to start learning to play piano or keyboard.

These lessons are arranged in a short course. The lessons are in video format and will teach from first principles of how to sit and end with playing a simple song.

Can you really learn this way

I have taught thousands of people to play the piano. Many have learned with live lessons with me in the room with them, and thousands have learned to play piano online with me, either with online courses or with online live teaching, which is almost as good as me being in the room with them.

So, the answer is yes you can learn this way. Sometimes, online video teaching can leave something to be desired, and often, strange ways are employed to teach, which speeds up learning by missing a lot of what is required.

I miss out on nothing. My students are taught everything properly as if I were taking them through piano exams. I see no point in missing out on a lot of the important stuff to speed up initial playing. At some time it has to be learned later on.

What beginners get with free lessons

When a beginner starts to learn piano, the worst thing is to begin wrongly. If the fingers used are wrong, then running out of fingers will become a problem; unless counting of time is understood and practiced, then songs will sound dreadful.

The short course will get you to a position of moving in the right direction. The best part it is free and has no onward commitment. 

Piano and Keyboard

A question often asked is can I use a keyboard. The simple answer is yes of course. Of course a $100,000 Grand Piano would be wonderful. I would love one too. In the real world a $500 keyboard will be just as useful. Even a more simple keyboard would be more then good enough for this short course.

The keys and notes on a keyboard are the same as on a piano. The difference is the feel and touch.

If you wish to play the keyboard the first thing to learn is playing it like a piano. Later the bells and whistles of a keyboard can be used to great effect. First learn to play it like a piano.

A musical keyboard by the sea for free piano lessons
A piano by the sea for free piano lessons

These two will do nicely.

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