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Extremely High Quality Lessons

Learn to play the piano whenever you like, & with a real experienced teacher

You choose how you want to learn and then use my high-quality video lessons to learn to play the piano. I like to think my piano lessons are simply the best piano lessons you can get. No false promises just solid high quality lessons to teach you to play the piano.

My support is always available to you. Just like my lessons. Have a problem, contact me or use a free app to record and send a video of your playing for me to sort out your problem. There is no video editing just point the phone at you playing, press record, and when you press stop record your video is instantly sent to me. It is so easy to do.

Learning to play the piano is like anything else. Start with the basics and work from there.

I teach high-quality lessons that are progressive and provide everything you need to become a brilliant pianist.

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You will learn to read and play by music

You will learn to play by ear and no music


You will learn with easy songs progressing to more difficult songs as you take more lessons

You won’t have to play classical music.

Just contemporary songs.



Full Music Course – Individual progressive lessons for adults from 13 years onwards.

24 hours a day availability, my full support is either written or through an asynchronous video app. You choose the best for you.

Full Music Children’s Course – Individual lessons specifically recorded for young children from 5 years old to learn to play the piano properly.

Available 24 hours a day and with my full support either written or by asynchronous video through a free app.

None Reading Music Course – Adult and older children’s none reading of music play by ear.

Full support, written or by asynchronous video via a free app. (All platforms.)

How Will You Learn

Choose a course of lessons you would like to take. Depending on the course chosen, either download a book if required or obtain a book from Amazon.

Put your phone or computer in front of you. Click start and take each lesson sequentially. You will follow a complete curriculum from start to finish. Practice between lessons. If there is something you are not sure of, taking the lesson as often as you like should clear up any misunderstanding. 

If you have a problem you can’t sort out, then contact me and I will help make sure your problem is sorted as quickly as possible. If the problem is with your playing send me a video using the app that I have my support section on, and I will respond to your problem As soon as possible.

Finished the course? Choose another one to expand your abilities further. 

You will never run out of lessons

Special Super New Ways To Learn to Play the Piano

I know that every site you go to has a new super special way to teach you piano in half the time it usually takes.

I have been teaching the piano for a very long time. The only way to become a real pianist is to learn everything properly. Super quick means missing something out. You will have to learn the missed out bits later so you may as well learn it all first. It doesn’t take any longer to learn properly and then be able to play anything, than it does to have a super quick method and then have to learn the rest later as you are limited in what you play until you have learned it.

Adults & Children

Adults have the choice of learning with or without music. Often adults learn without music first and then go on to learning with music afterwards. Some lessons are for all ages.

Children usually learn by music. They have a long life ahead of them and have no need to rush. Children follow a textbook ensuring everything taught is done properly.

No Risk For You

To make sure that you are completely satisfied you can cancel your membership and get 100% of your money back up to 60 days after joining. That’s eight weeks of piano lessons you have had for free. Any books you have downloaded are yours to keep.

You have absolutely nothing to lose. Try it for eight weeks. Your money is completely safe, Your money is kept separately I don’t see the money until your eight weeks are complete.

Afterwards, there is no contract. Cancel at any time, your membership will continue until the end of the last month you have paid for. This includes my support.

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You Can Start Learning to Play Today